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Passage to Dawn

Legacy of the Drow Book 4
R.A. Salvatore

Item Code 866770520
Release Date August 1997
Format Mass Market Paperback
ISBN 0-7869-0750-9
Price $7.99

Passage to Dawn

Six years. Not so long in the lifespan of a drow. And yet -- in counting the months, the weeks, the days, the hours -- it seemed to me as if I had been away from Mithral Hall a hundred times that number. The place was another lifetime, another way of life, a mere stepping stone to. . .

To what? To where?

I ride the waves along the Sword Coast now, the wind and spray in my face. My ceiling is the rush of clouds and the canopy of stars; my floor, the creaking boards of a swift, well-weathered ship. Beyond that lies the azure blanket, flat and still, heaving and rolling, hissing in the rain and exploding under the fall of a breaching whale.

Is this, then, my home?

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