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City of Torment

Abolethic Sovereignty, Book II
Bruce R. Cordell

Item Code 250137400
Release Date September 2009
Format Mass Market Paperback
ISBN 978-0-7869-5184-0
Price $7.99 ;  C$xxx

Xxiphu, in the Sea of Fallen Stars

You didn't get away. It caught you.

Anusha took the warlock's sleeping potion to stay in her dreamform while she battled the great kraken.

What do you mean?

That potion that prevented her from waking in time to escape the kraken’s trap.

That godsdamned relic sucked your mind into its heart.

He'd do anything to free her -- even go to the City of Torment itself.

Don't worry. I will go to Xxiphu. I will free you.

He just has to figure out how.

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