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Best of the Realms, The

Forgotten Realms Anthology

Item Code 179900000
Release Date November 2003
Format Mass Market Paperback
Page Count 352
ISBN 0-7869-3024-1
Price $6.99 ;  C$9.99

The best stories, the best authors, together in one volume for the first time!

This anthology presents your favorite stories from a decade of Forgotten Realms anthologies--every one of them chosen by you. In addition, this anthology contains a brand new story by R. A. Salvatore.


  • "Rite of Blood" by Elaine Cunningham
  • "Elminster at the Magefair" by Ed Greenwood
  • "Darksword" by Troy Denning
  • "Blood Sport" by Christie Golden
  • "Six of Swords" by WIlliam W. Connors
  • "The Rose Window" by Monte Cook
  • "The First Moonwell" by Douglas Niles
  • "The Greatest Hero Who Ever Died" by J. Robert King
  • "Tertius and the Artifact" by Jeff Grubb
  • "Red Ambition" by Jean Rabe
  • "The Common Spell" by Kate Novak-Grubb
  • "Assassin's Shadow" by Jess Lebow
  • "And the Dark Tide Rises" by Keith Francis Strohm
  • "Empty Joys" by R.A. Salvatore

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