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Dragons Revealed, The

Knights of the Silver Dragon - Revelations, Part 2
Matt Forbeck

Item Code 955627400
Release Date August 2006
Format Mass Market Paperback
Page Count 192
ISBN 0-7869-4032-8
Price $5.99 ;  C$7.99

Five years ago, treasure hunters destroyed a seal deep in the Dungeons of Doom, releasing hordes of monsters upon the people of Curston. The legendary battle, known as the Sundering of the Seal, laid waste to the once great Order of the Silver Dragon.

Now, history is about to repeat itself.

As fiends soar the skies and monsters prowl the streets, the Knights have but one hope left: the dragons that long ago pledged to protect their order. Zendric readies the ritual for recalling their winged allies, while the Knights race back to the Dungeons to restore the seal. There’s just one thing they aren’t prepared for: a traitor in their midst.

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