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Heroes, Volume Two
Nancy Varian Berberick

Item Code 964780000
Release Date April 2004
Format Mass Market Paperback
Page Count 352
ISBN 0-7869-3149-3
Price $6.99 ;  C$9.99

In caverns of Thorbardin, a sword is forged, the masterwork of a revered craftsman. At its fiery birth, the wondrous blade is touched by the grace of Reorx. Stormblade becomes more than the ancient dwarf-smith could have imagined: a Kingsword that will break the deadlocked power struggle among the Council of Thanes.

When the magnificent sword is stolen, Stanach Hammerfell, the master-smith's apprentice, vows to recover it. To keep his vow, Stanach must leave his beloved Thorbardin and search through a land torn by war and treachery until he finds the sword touched by a god and meant for one thane's glory.

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