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Practical Guide to Dragons, A

Mirrrorstone Spotlights
Sindri Suncatcher

Item Code 957437200
Release Date October 2006
Format Trade Hardcover
Page Count 80
ISBN 0-7869-4164-2
Price $12.95 ;  C$16.95

This beautifully illustrated hardcover title introduces readers of any age to the looks and habits of dragons. With tips and tricks every new adventurer can use on imaginary encounters with dragons, this book will enchant readers with both pictures and words.

Sindri Suncatcher is a three-and-a-half foot tall kender, who enjoys storytelling, collecting magical tokens, and fighting dragons. He lives in Solamnia and is currently studying magic under the auspices of the black-robed wizard Maddoc. You can catch Sindri in the midst of his latest adventure in The Wayward Wizard.

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