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Legends Gift Set

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

Item Code 886100000
Release Date September 2002
Format Gift Box/Collection/Bundled Product
Page Count 432/432/352
ISBN 0-7869-2766-6
Price $23.99 ;  C$32.99

This slip-covered gift set contains three key titles from the Dragonlance saga: Time of the Twins,War of the Twins, and Test of the Twins, all of which were written by New York Times bestselling authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. These are crucial titles for the shelf of any Dragonlance fan.

In Time of the Twins, Tasslehoff, Raistlin, Caramon, and the priestess Crysania travel back in time to visit the city of Istar before the Cataclysm in an attempt to avert disaster, while Raistlin plots to seize the magical power of the ancient wizard Fistandantilus. In Test of the Twins, Raistlin casts a magical spell to open a Portal to the Abyss. At the same instant his brother Caramon operates a magical device that throws Caramon and Tasslehoff into an unexpected place. And in War of the Twins, Raistlin prepares to enter the Abyss and challenge the Dark Queen herself, only to discover that he is caught in a time loop from which there seems to be no escape.

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