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Search for Power: Dragons from the War of Souls, The

Dragonlance Anthology
Margaret Weis, ed.

Item Code 965380000
Release Date May 2004
Format Mass Market Paperback
Page Count 320
ISBN 0-7869-3193-0
Price $6.99 ;  C$9.99

This newest anthology focuses on the lives and ways of dragons in the era following the end of the New York Times best-selling War of Souls trilogy by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Edited by Margaret Weis and filled with a dozen stories from both well-known Dragonlance authors and a few newcomers, this is the first anthology to feature stories that take place in the current Dragonlance time period.


  • Introduction by Margaret Weis
  • "Osuin's Treasure" by Mark Sehestedt
  • "Loyalty" by Richard A. Knaak
  • "The Dragon's Child" by Nancy Varian Berberick
  • "Four Ends" by John Helfers
  • "At the Water's Edge" by Jamie Chambers
  • "Lake of Death" by Dan Willis
  • "The Dragonslayers" by Douglas W. Clark
  • "Inventory" by Jean Rabe
  • "Special Delivery" by Jeff Grubb
  • "Marine Skies" by Lucien Soulban
  • "Wyrm's Claw Inn" by Miranda Horner
  • "Coin of Adament" by Kevin Stein
  • "The Box" by Paul B. Thompson
  • "The Albino" by Douglas Niles

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