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Great adventure, exotic lands, ruthless politics, foreboding dungeons, and fantastic escapes. The Greyhawk campaign depicts a magical land at the crossroads of countless possibilities. The Greyhawk's world of Oerth is a place where powerful creatures contest with humanity and other races, where good folk struggle against evil, and Law wrestles with Chaos. Oerth is a world of magic, mystery and the imagination.

The Living Greyhawk campaign is an immense game played out in regional events throughout the real world. The continent of the Flanaess in the game world is divided into several nations and political states. These nations are mapped onto sections of the real world. Your real world location determines the default home region for you and your characters in the game world. When you travel to different areas of the real world, your character journeys with you to the corresponding locales in the Flanaess. Each region has a special flavor setting it apart from other regions, allowing you to immerse yourself in the intrigues of you home region, or join the turmoil in other regions.

Core Plot Arc: Blight on Bright Sands
An archmage's unfathomable machinations and boundless ambition guides the fate of the Central Flanaess. Discover more about Living Greyhawk's core plot.

Core Plot Arc: Greyhawk Ruins
For the last two years, Living Greyhawk’s core plot arc focused on the Bright Lands. Now, with that series drawing to an end we can finally reveal exciting information about next year’s plot arc, Greyhawk Ruins.

Living Greyhawk Information
Getting Started
Jump into Living Greyhawk. Grab your supplies, craft a character, and find a game.
Campaign Documents
Living Greyhawk Campaign Standards 597 v.7.5
595 CY Conversion Guidelines
Living Greyhawk Character Sheet
Master Item Logsheet (MIL)
Magic Item Creation Logsheet (MIC)
Living Greyhawk Deities v.2.0
DM's Challenges High-Level Option Rules
Writing Core Adventures
Core Adventures Template
New Stat Block Format
Fastplay Characters
General Campaign Fastplays
Bright Sands Fastplays v.2.0
Campaign Cards
Set 1 - Spring 2007
Set 2 - Summer 2007
Set 3 - Fall 2007
Greyhawk Ruins Plot Arc
Greyhawk Ruins Sourcebook v.1.0
Regions and Metaregions
Explore regions in the Flanaess and access regional and metaregional adventures.
Dispel Confusion
Join us as we address rules issues, modifications and errata to keep you campaign savvy.
Contact the Campaign Leadership

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