Mysterious Places07/19/2005

Rumors and Whispers of the Flanaess
Mysterious Places

Tall tales, unlikely rumors and idle gossip swirls throughout the taprooms, marketplaces and temple precincts of the Flanaess. Separating truth from foolish speculation, downright lies and the ill-informed ramblings of drunks, yokels and rumourmongers attempting to separate a fool from his coin is an essential skill for any adventurer travelling the Flanaess.

The veracity of many of the rumors detailed below is certainly in doubt. While in many cases the truth of the matter is impossible to determine, these are the kind of rumors that that adventurers inevitably come to hear. Some may foreshadow events detailed in as yet unreleased core or core special adventures, while others may hold as much weight as a summer breeze. DMs are encouraged to use the below rumors as fillers in any encounter in which the players could learn about supposed events.

The waters off Asperdi Isle in the realm of the Sea Barons are, if recent conjecture is to be believed, once again being haunted by the Sinking Isle. A site of truly ancient origin the isle was known to the first Oeridians to settle the area. Several warships and a merchantman have all claimed to have sailed close to an island not shown on any chart. Surrounded by bubbling, brown-stained waters and cloying, noxious air no one has thus far admitted to actually setting foot on this strange place. Tales of this island are legion. Many tell of strange ruins that still survive upon the isle and of terrifying battles with fearsome monsters of the deep that dwell in the surrounding waters. No doubt the island’s reappearance will herald a steady stream of adventurers all intent on exploring this mysterious place.

The court of His Transcendent Imperial Majesty, Overking Xavener was celebrating last month the successful reclamation of portions of the Lost Treasure Fleet of the Sea Princes. Earlier in the year, Kalstrand had sponsored a number of expeditions to a newly-discovered floating reef said to contain the rotting hulks of several vessels laden with gold and other riches taken when the Sea Princes plundered Pontylver during the Turmoil Between Crowns. This has been proclaimed a welcome victory over the followers of the Scarlet Sign who were also thought to be hunting for the wrecks. However, Kalstrand is noticeably reticent to provide details of exactly what was recovered, leading some sceptics to declare that either they sought specific items or that they have not actually recovered anything of note.

Word from the frigid lands of the Thillonrian Peninsula speaks of increased tensions between the volatile barbarian tribes who claim that land and the monstrous inhabitants of the Corusk and Griff Mountains. Skirmishing is becoming even more commonplace with bands of giants and their ogre minions raiding deep into barbarian lands.

The burnt and partially eaten corpse of a gigantic squid-like creature was found floating in the Azure Sea. Plainly of magical origin and consisting of several normal creatures fused together the exact origin of this creature is unknown. Many suspect (and fear) that the Brotherhood breeding program has once again borne fruit.

An unnamed adventurer has surfaced in the Free City of Greyhawk, with what she purports to be the holy medallion of Almor. The medallion, thought lost during Almor’s utter destruction at the hands of the Great Kingdom, is an ancient item crafted when the Great Kingdom was yet strong in the cause of Good. It is a potent symbol of the destroyed Prelacy and no doubt will be pursued by parties interested in refounding that unfortunate realm.

Ships baring yellow sails have once again been spotted plying the waters of Woolly Bay. For many, this is an uncomfortable reminder of the Slavelords who once terrorised the region before being destroyed by a brave band of adventurers. Others remark that this is nothing but coincidence.

A fortnight ago, two parched and badly injured adventurers stumbled into Hardby. The only survivors of a much larger party, they claimed to have located the lost mines of Azak-Zil. Following the writings of Pont Sandmorg of Narwell they found the great mesa he spoke of but were set upon by packs of feral ghouls and were driven into the desert. There, the harsh desert conditions, patrolling nomads in the service of Rary and a bloody night-time encounter with manscorpions spelled their companions’ doom. After recounting their ordeal in several of the Scorned City’s taverns the pair disappeared. Their currently whereabouts are unknown.

Over the last few months a number of adventuring parties have disappeared in the vicinity of White Plume Mountain. The adventurers have been hunting for an arrow of olvish make and an ancient Oeridian battle spear widely reputed to have been stolen by Keraptis and hidden here before his disappearance.

The dark cloud hanging over the necropolis of Unaagh has still not dissipated. Getting close to the structure to study this phenomenon has proved difficult however because of roving nomad bands and the inevitable encounters with manscorpions that seem to cluster thickly about the site.

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