The Kingdom of Keoland

The Kingodm of Keoland, located between the Javan and Sheldomar Rivers, is the oldest surviving nation in the Flanaess. Since the Twin Cataclyms Forced the Great Migrations of prehistory, Keoland has had the most impact upon the history of the Flanaess of any nation outside the former Great Kingdom. Until now, Keoland has received a fraction of the attention given to Aerdy elsewhere. This article expands upon the information in the Living Grayhawk Gazeteer by further detailing the makeup of the kingdom and its provinces. As the entire Sheldomar Valley has a various times been under the influence of the kingdom, much of this detail has relevance to neighboring states such as the Gran March, Geoff, Sterich, the Yoemanry, and the Ulek States.

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Discover the major provinces and the various factions that vie for power.

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