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Greyhawk Ruins Dispel Confusion
Core Plot Arch Special Edition

If you have specific questions regarding the Living Greyhawk campaign, please post your questions on the official Living Greyhawk message board forum, located on the Wizards community boards.

All other questions regarding Dungeons & Dragons or the RPGA should be submitted though our customer service Knowledge Base, where you can reach our staff, or your question may already be answered online. Please note that answers received through these channels are considered merely advisory until they appear in the official FAQ or Errata. All references to the three Dungeons & Dragons core rulebooks refer to the version 3.5.

This special edition Dispel Confusion is for the Greyhawk Ruins core plot arch.

Q: What exactly is the definition of "an adventure set in the Domain of Greyhawk"?

A: If the adventure and the AR say “set in the Free City of Greyhawk” or “set in the Domain of Greyhawk” then the adventure counts as being set in the Domain of Greyhawk.

Q: Which adventures are part of Greyhawk Ruins? Is any adventure set in the Domain of Greyhawk part of the series?

A: Only adventures with the designator CGR7 or CGR8 are part of the series. Other core adventures set in the Domain of Greyhawk are not part of the series, although they may reference the series in some way.

Q: What's with the Special: entry under Pholtus?

A: This is simply a leftover from the document editing and creation process. Ignore it.

Q: Is the Guild of Nightwatchmen the same group as the Nightwatch from COR6-03 Riders from the Grave? If so, will that favor be converted into Affiliation Points somehow?

A: The two groups are the same organization but the AR item will not be converted to include an affiliation point award. In effect, the AR gives the recipient an affiliation score of 0 with the Guild of Nightwatchmen. If the player wishes, he may cross through this AR item, losing access to its benefits and the affiliation score. (You may want to do this if you have this AR item but want to avoid the affiliation score penalty associated with being a member of multiple affiliations).

Q: What about the favor in COR7-03 Second Chances gives de facto membership in the Guild of Wizardry if you take one of the prestige classes?

A: In effect, the AR gives the recipient an affiliation score of 0 with the Guild of Wizardry. If the player wishes, he may cross through this AR item, losing access to its benefits and the affiliation score. (You may want to do this if you have this AR item but want to avoid the affiliation score penalty associated with being a member of multiple affiliations). If you do this you cannot progress any further in the chosen prestige class but retain all class abilities gain to date.

Q: If you have a 30+ affiliation score, can you become an executive of your group?

A: Currently no plans exist to open the executive powers of any of the affiliations for use by a PC. All of the organizations have well defined hierarchies and already have leaders

Q: The Greyhawk Ruins Sourcebook says under the laws section that more serious crimes are evil acts that are not allowed in the campaign. Several people have pointed out that evil acts are allowed in the campaign, they can just get you removed, so that statement is wrong.

A: Correct (technically); that statement is wrong. However, serious crimes such as murder and so on are so serious that they should immediately result in that character being removed from the campaign irrespective of the circumstances of the act.

Q: If someone is a member of the Guild of Nightwatchmen and Faithful of Cuthbert and wants to join a third affiliation, is their score -10 or -15?

A: Their affiliation modifier is -15. The same would apply to members of the Thieves' Guild and Faithful of Kurrell.

Q: For the Faithful affiliation, you can't join before your first adventure since your affiliation score would be 0 and you would be excommunicated. Is this right?

A: This was a typo. Change the text to read “excommunicated at -1”.

Q: How many Greyhawk PCs can you have?

A: You can have maximum of four PCs with the Domain of Greyhawk as their home region. You can start one for each of the four Greyhawk Ruins adventures. You cannot start a new character for each of the zones within a Greyhawk Ruins adventure.

Q: What does it mean to give items to the Guild of Wizardry affiliation?

A: A PC must own the item that he turns over to the Guild of Wizardry. Thus, he can either craft the item or buy it in the normal way from either the standard Open list or after the PC gains access to it on an AR. If the PC buys an item from an AR and then hands it over to the guild, the other players at the table do not lose access to the item.

Q: The nightsong enforcer and infiltrator prestige classes are open, but require membership in a thieves' guild, and say to contact your triad for details. Can my Thieves’ Guild member become one?

A: Add access to them to Journeyman level members of the Thieves' Guild. You do not have to contact anyone for further confirmation.

Q: Can you play parts one and two of CGR7-01 Ruins of Discovery at Gen Con, go home and run them, then play parts three and four later?

A: No, the zones are all interlinked. Thus, even if you only read parts one and two after playing them, you would still learn snippets of information about zones three and four. You can of course DM it after you have played all four parts or if you don’t wish to play parts three and four.

Q: Will PCs know when they move from one part to another part?

A: The adventure text makes it pretty implicit that you are moving into a different zone. The DM should make this clear to the players before they face any encounters in the new zone. If you are playing the adventures with the restricted play option (for example if you only have time for one zone) many of the interconnecting corridors between zones are noted as blocked in the adventure text.

Q: The background text says that humanoids and monsters are not allowed through the city gates. Does this mean that humans, elves, and so on can’t enter the Free City?

A: No, this is not the intent of the flavor text (in which a bit of 2nd edition language snuck in). It means that no creatures obviously thought of as monsters – orcs, trolls, wyverns, and so on may not enter the city except in truly exceptional circumstances (which would be detailed in an adventure). Several special cases exist: centaurs are not viewed as monsters and can freely enter as for some time now, centaurs have been allowed into Hardby. (Their aid in combating the perfidious Rary has also gained them many admirers in the Free City).

Kobolds, however, receive no special treatment and must either sneak into the Free City or bribe one of the gate guards. To sneak in, a kobold must succeed on an opposed Hide check made against a watchman’s Spot check (+1 modifier, not modified for distance). Success indicates that the kobold has snuck in. Failure indicates that he is spotted and chased off. Alternatively, a kobold can try to disguise himself as a different race to gain entry by making a successful Disguise check opposed by a watchmen’s Spot check (+1). Finally, if all else fails a kobold can bribe his way in by using a Diplomacy check to raise an indifferent watchman’s attitude to friendly (DC 15) and by offering him a 2 gp bribe. If a kobold fails this check, he must offer an additional 2 gp for each level of attitude the watchman has below friendly. (For example, an indifferent watchman requires 4 gp to admit the kobold while an unfriendly watchman requires 6 gp).

Q: Can I play a regional intro adventure and still have Greyhawk as my character’s home region after playing a Greyhawk Ruins adventure.

A: Yes. As long as you have 999 or fewer XP before playing your first Greyhawk Ruins adventure you character can maintain his residency in the Domain of Greyhawk.

Q: What happens if I forget to play a Greyhawk Ruins adventure before I reach 2nd level?

A: Characters that forget to play a Greyhawk Ruins adventure before reaching 2nd level automatically lose the Domain of Greyhawk as their home region, reverting to the region of residency of the controlling player. (If the player does not live within a triad-controlled region he may pick a region to belong to). Additionally, once the character’s region changes it loses access to all the expanded character generation options outlined in the Greyhawk Ruins Sourcebook. Thus, the controlling player must make the minimum changes necessary to make the character conform to the character generation rules in the latest version of the Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook. In practice, this probably means that the character loses any alternate class features or feats from Dragon Magazine 315 and 319, Cityscape, and Dungeonscape and must swap them out for legal choices.

Q: In relation to the Merchants' and Traders' Union, how do I calculate a character’s total wealth?

A: A PC’s total wealth is equal to the total gp value of all their possessions and treasure.

Q: How do I get a recommendation for the Guild of Wizardry?

A: A recommendation for any affiliation (Guild of Wizardry, Merchants’ and Traders’ Union, Thieves’ Guild, and so on) will be specified in an adventure and on an AR. As a general rule, anything other than character abilities (level, ranks in skills, spellcasting ability) must be noted on an AR. Adventuring with a fellow affiliation member must be confirmed by the DM based on table composition or noted on the AR. Donations must be confirmed by the DM.

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