Dispel Confusion02/13/2007

Dispel Confusion Vol. 3, No. 2
February 2007

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All references to the three Dungeons & Dragons core rulebooks refer to the version 3.5.

This issue addresses “any Limited” favor and clarifications for the new Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook for 597 CY released February 13, 2007.

Q: How do I use favors that grant access to a Limited rules option of my choice? Does this give me access to anything from any book that is not specifically restricted?

A: All such favors are immediately void until an errata is issued. If you have used such a favor, you must check with the issuing triad to see if an errata has been issued. If such errata exists, you must change your selection to conform to the errata. If you have not used such a favor, you may not do so until an errata has been issued.

These favors assumed the existence of a specific list of Limited items, which has not existed for quite some time. A liberal interpretation of these favors granted far more access than was intended by the circle. Some people have used these favors to gain access to rules options that were never intended to be allowed in the campaign.

Q: I can’t find a rule in the LGCS. What do I do?

A: Use the core rulebooks (Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual).

LG is intended to follow the core rules as closely as possible, only making changes to the core rules when necessary due to the exigencies of our Living campaign format. The LGCS is written to avoid repetition of core rules whenever possible. If there is no rule in the LGCS, there is likely a rule in the core rulebooks. If there is no rule in either place, the issue is likely not related to our Living campaign format and will remain an issue of session GM adjudication, unless a clarification is published by Wizards of the Coast.

Q: Can I buy a composite longbow [+6 STR] without extra documentation now?

A: Yes.

The LGCS no longer has a restriction on this item, so you use the standard core rules. The core rules (the PHB in this case) have no restriction on the Strength bonus on composite bows.

Q: Can I Retrain more than one rules option per level?

A: No.

Use the rules in the PHB2, which clearly state that Retraining can only be used once per level. The only exception to this, in Living Greyhawk, is when you have a rules option that becomes closed; for that situation, you receive an immediate, free Retrain for that rules option that does not count against your 1/level limit.

Q: Can I retrain alternative class features or racial substitution levels without extra documentation?

A: No.

The LGCS states that any rules option you gain through Retraining must be open for your character. Alternative class features and racial substitution levels are not open for your character unless you have some sort of special campaign documentation other than the LGCS.

Q: Do I have to choose what to Retrain before my DM signs my AR when I level?

A: No, just whether you will be Retraining.

If you level on an AR, you must check the Gained a Level box on the AR, decide if you will be Retraining, and pay any applicable costs on that AR. You may take as much time as you want, up until the next game that you play, to choose what you are Retraining, what class you are gaining, and make class feature decisions. Note, the leveling occurs when you gain the AR, so you may not wait and take advantage of a rule change that occurs sometime after the game where you leveled but before your next game.

Q: Is caster level (CL) a prerequisite for magic item creation (MIC)?

A: No, generally.

The LGCS does not have a ruling on this issue, so you consult the core rules (the DMG errata, in this case), which say that CL is only a prerequisite if specifically stated so by the magic item, such as for cloak of resistance.

Q: I have taken a language that the new LGCS says requires campaign documentation. What do I do?

A: If you do not have campaign documentation granting access to the language, you must replace it with another language to which you have access.

Some languages are not meant to be freely available, such as Rhopan. These languages require campaign documentation before you can learn them.

Q: I can’t find a rules option from the PHB, DMG, or MM. Does that mean it is open or closed?

A: Open.

All rules options from the core rulebooks are open unless specifically closed by the LGCS.

Q: Does that mean I can be an assassin now? Awesome!

A: No.

You still must meet all the prerequisites for a rules option before you can take it. Assassin, among other rules options, requires you to have an evil alignment. PCs cannot have an evil alignment in LG, so you cannot meet the prerequisites for this class.

Q: I can’t find a rules option listed in the LGCS. Does that mean it is open or closed?

A: It is technically neither.

The LGCS only lists rules options you can take without documentation, and rules options you can never take. Anything that is not listed in the LGCS requires campaign documentation. Once you receive such campaign documentation, the rules option is effectively opened for your PC.

Q: If I have a +1 longsword and find a +1 keen longsword, can I upgrade my +1 longsword with keen? If I have a +1 greatsword and find a +1 keen longsword, can I upgrade my +1 greatsword with keen? If I have a +1 flaming longsword and find a +1 keen longsword, can I upgrade my +1 flaming longsword with keen?

A: A crafting PC could apply the upgrade in all of the cases. A non-crafter would be able to hire an NPC crafter to perform the first upgrade, but not in the other situations.

A crafter need only find access to the desired enchantment in the Items Found section of an AR to be able to apply it to any weapon or suit of armor. A non-crafter must have access to purchase an upgraded version of the item they currently possess. A +1 keen longsword is not an upgrade of a +1 greatsword, as those are two different base item types. A +1 keen longsword is not an upgrade of a +1 flaming longsword, as there are different enchantments involved.

Q: I see that Divine Metamagic and Divine Spellpower have moved to closed access. How do I change my character to make it legal?

A: When the 597 LGCS becomes legal, you are granted one immediate, free use of Retraining, per the rules in the PHB2, to replace the affected feat. You may not make any other changes, such as replacing prerequisites, without campaign documentation. If you feel that you represent a rare situation and need special dispensation, you may contact your local triad; however, special treatment will be uncommon, if it happens at all.

The circle determined that these feats were creating unbalanced effects in the campaign and needed to be addressed. As the prerequisites for the feats are still perfectly viable for many character builds, we have not allowed free changing of the prerequisites in this case. If you do not wish to keep related rules options, you may still advantage of the new Retraining options when you gain levels, per the rules in the LGCS.

Q: If LG is switching to the new polymorph rules, what do I do with my druid?

A: Any character that has at least one level of druid that was gained before February 6th, 2007, may make the following changes immediately. All such changes must conform to the rules for Retraining and Rebuilding in the PHB2, except where specified otherwise below:

  • Change any starting attribute scores and the bumps received every four HD. Use the normal rules for LG character creation and attributes.
  • Change any feats, other than magic item creation feats and Leadership. All such feats must have been legal choices as of February 1st, 2007.
  • Change any classes or prestige classes. You must keep at least one level of druid. All such class selections must have been legal choices as of February 1st, 2007.
  • Change any skills, though all skill selections must be legal selections.
  • If you have items that you feel have been significantly affected by these rules changes, you may contact your triad. If they agree, you may sell the item for full purchase price.

If your PC does not meet the above criteria, but you feel that you have been similarly impacted by the change to the polymorph rules, you may contact your local triad; however, special treatment will be uncommon, if it happens at all.

The change to the polymorph rules significantly impacts druids, substantially more than any other class. Without the option to rebuild their characters to some extent, many characters would become unviable. The circle felt that druids would need to be able to change ability scores, classes, and feats to be able to correct their builds. Some items may also be significantly affected by this change, and we did not want to force the characters to lose the invested gp. Because of the vast number of permutations in possible druid builds, it is infeasible to limit the rebuild to specific classes, feats, or items. Asking each druid to contact their triad about their desired rebuilds would be too much micromanagement and overload the triads. The only feasible way to integrate the polymorph changes was to allow a rebuild of this sort. As we do not want to give druids too much of a benefit by allowing them to change into rules options that are just now becoming available, they are limited to what was available as of February 1st, 2007.

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