Dispel Confusion Vol. 2, No. 1
January 2006

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All references to the three Dungeons & Dragons core rulebooks refer to the version 3.5.

Much of the information in this FAQ will be added to the next version of the Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook. This particular Dispel Confusion focuses on the introduction of the Spell Compendium to the campaign. As always, all such updates are effective immediately from the date of this document’s publication.


Q: Complete Adventurer has rules for bardic music used with masterwork instruments. How does this work in the Living Greyhawk campaign?

A:The Living Greyhawk campaign does allow for the use of this optional rule; however, a character with bardic music must obtain access to these special uses for certain instruments from campaign documentation. You can think of it as specialized training, often only a secret held by the greatest performers whom may be unwilling to part with it unless you’ve proven yourself.


Q: I’ve noticed that the recent Spell Compendium updates and revises many spells, including quite a few used in the Living Greyhawk campaign. What’s the plan for this book?

A: A huge tome containing over 1,000 spells, the Spell Compendium allows Living Greyhawk players to stop juggling around bunches of books for their spells, and find most of them in one source. The Spell Compendium is being integrated into the Living Greyhawk campaign effective on February 1, 2006. Hundreds of spells used in the campaign were altered – some significantly, and some with very minor changes. These changes to spells are considered official errata. As a result, all players that have characters using spells from any of the sources listed on page 285 of the Spell Compendium should be certain to review them for changes. In order to prepare your spellcasting characters for the updated material, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Go through all of your spellcasting characters’ lists of spells, and note which ones have changed. You can use the information provided in this document to help you. All the spells (with two exceptions) from the “Complete” series of books, as well as the Miniatures Handbook, are included in the Spell Compendium. There are very few spells currently in the campaign from other sources that have been updated in the Spell Compendium, but check those as well to be sure.
  • If you’re playing a character that prepares spells from a large list (such as a cleric or druid), just note the changes to the spells and you’re all set. If you have a cleric or another character that utilizes domains, you may change your domain to another you have access to if that domain had a spell list change (there are six domains, listed below, that had such changes).
  • If you’re playing a character that keeps a spellbook (such as a wizard), or a character that spontaneously casts spells from a limited list of spells known (such as a bard, favored soul, or sorcerer), you can make adjustments to your spell list. For each spell that you have in your book or that you know that appears in the Spell Compendium, you may substitute out another spell of the same level. If a spell changed levels, you can swap the spell for another spell you know or in your spellbook. You cannot know any spells that are of a level higher than you can cast (wizards can, of course, swap out spells of a higher level in a spellbook for other spells they can access). You must end up with the same number of spells that you began the process with, and you can only choose spells that your character can access.
  • Write down a list of spells added and spells removed, and at the end of your next adventure taking place on or after February 1, 2006, record this information on the back of your adventure record. Have the Dungeon Master at the table verify the information along with all the other standard post-adventure documentation.
  • Two spells from the “Complete” series and Miniatures Handbook were not updated in the Spell Compendium: accuracy (which is a warmage-only spell found in Complete Arcane) and legion’s undeniable gravity (found in the Miniatures Handbook). Their status in the campaign is unchanged. All other spells from the aforementioned sources are now located in the Spell Compendium.
  • Warmages and hexblades did not see any level alterations of their spells.

The spells listed below are allowed spells in the Living Greyhawk campaign from the “Complete” series of books and the Miniatures Handbook. The list is intended for your reference – to make it easier to find spells and domains with some significant changes. Note that many spells did not change level, but changed in function, and thus are not listed below.

A notation of levels after a spell’s name (such as “4th to 5th”) means that the spell changed levels in all listed classes in the spell’s description. A notation of a class name followed by a level (such as “druid 3 to druid 2”) means that the spell’s level only changed for the class or classes specified. A notation of “added” with a class and level (such as “added paladin 1”) means that the spell was added to spell list for the indicated class or classes. A notation of “removed” with a class and level (such as “removed sorcerer/wizard 2”) means that the spell was removed from the spell list indicated class or classes.

Spells that have changed names:
Aid, legion’s (now aid, mass)
Align fang, legion’s (now align fang, mass)
Align weapon, legion’s (now align weapon, mass)
Assay resistance (now assay spell resistance)
Bane bow (now foebane)
Bigby’s slapping hand (now slapping hand)
Chameleon (now camouflage)
Cloudwalkers (now cloud-walkers)
Conviction, legion’s (now conviction, mass)
Curse of petty failing (now curse of ill fortune)
Curse of petty failing, legion’s (now curse of ill fortune, mass)
Force whip (now sonic whip)
Leomund’s hidden lodge (now hidden lodge)
Mordenkainen’s buzzing bee (now buzzing bee)
Otiluke’s dispelling screen (now dispelling screen)
Otiluke’s dispelling screen, greater (now dispelling screen, greater)
Shield of faith, legion’s (now shield of faith, mass)
Snake’s swiftness, legion’s (now snake’s swiftness, mass)
Superior invisibility (now invisibility, superior)
Undeniable gravity (now earthbind)

Spells that have changed levels, or have been added or removed from spell lists:
Absorb weapon (3rd to 2nd)
Aid, mass (4th to 3rd)
Aiming at the target (5th to 2nd)
Align fang (druid 3 to druid 2, added ranger 2)
Align fang, mass (druid 5 to druid 3, added ranger 3)
Align weapon, mass (4th to 3rd)
Angelskin (3rd to 2nd)
Anticipate teleportation (4th to 3rd)
Anticipate teleportation, greater (8th to 6th)
Arrow storm (4th to 3rd)
Beast claws (druid 3 to druid 1, removed cleric 4)
Bestow curse, greater (removed bard 6)
Binding winds (5th to 2nd)
Blades of fire (2nd to 1st)
Blast of force (added sorcerer/wizard 2)
Blessed aim (blackguard 2 to blackguard 1, cleric 3 to cleric 1, paladin 2 to paladin 1)
Bolt of glory (added cleric 6)
Bolts of bedevilment (added bard 5)
Bottle of smoke (druid 4 to druid 3)
Brain spider (cleric 8 to cleric 7)
Branch to branch (druid 2 to druid 1)
Briar web (removed cleric 3)
Brilliant aura (druid 7 to druid 8, added cleric 8 and sorcerer/wizard 8)
Brilliant blade (cleric 8 to cleric 7, added druid 7)
Cacophonic shield (bard 6 to bard 4, sorcerer/wizard 7 to sorcerer/wizard 5)
Castigate (added paladin 4 and Purification 4)
Chain of eyes (added sorcerer/wizard 2)
Close wounds (cleric 3 to cleric 2)
Cloudburst (2nd to 1st)
Contagious touch (6th to 4th)
Critical strike (added bard 1)
Crumble (6th to 3rd)
Delay death (3rd to 4th)
Demonhide (3rd to 2nd)
Detect favored enemy (3rd to 1st)
Discern shapechanger (3rd to 2nd)
Doomtide (4th to 5th)
Dragon breath (sorcerer/wizard 5 to sorcerer/wizard 4)
Energy vortex (4th to 3rd)
Exacting shot (1st to 2nd)
Favorable sacrifice (1st to 3rd)
Familiar pocket (2nd to 1st)
Flame of faith (added paladin 2)
Forestfold (druid 4 to druid 3)
Fortify familiar (4th to 3rd)
Freezing fog (5th to 6th)
Guiding light (added bard 1)
Hail of stone (added sorcerer/wizard 1)
Harmonic chorus (3rd to 2nd)
Healthful rest (added cleric 1)
Holy spurs (2nd to 1st)
Ice knife (added sorcerer/wizard 2)
Improvisation (5th to 1st)
Implacable pursuer (added assassin 4)
Insidious rhythm (2nd to 1st)
Invisibility, swift (bard 2 to bard 1)
Lion’s charge (druid 4 to druid 3, ranger 3 to ranger 2)
Lion’s roar (added cleric 8)
Listening coin (4th to 3rd)
Listening lorecall (removed sorcerer/wizard 2)
Low-light vision (added druid 1)
Maelstrom (added druid 8)
Nature’s favor (druid 3 to druid 2)
Obedient avalanche (added sorcerer/wizard 9)
Omen of peril (added Liberation 1 and ranger 1)
Poison vines (7th to 4th)
Protege (6th to 4th)
Resurgence, mass (cleric 4 to cleric 3)
Revenance (added bard 6)
Righteous fury (2nd to 3rd)
Righteous wrath of the faithful (cleric 7 to cleric 5, added Purification 7)
Scent (ranger 2 to ranger 1, removed sorcerer/wizard 2)
Spiritual chariot (blackguard 4 to blackguard 3, paladin 4 to paladin 2)
Storm of elemental fury (8th to 7th)
Sword of deception (5th to 4th)
Telepathic bond, lesser (removed cleric 3)
Tidal surge (removed Ocean 5)
Unyielding roots (9th to 8th)
Visage of the deity (added Mysticism 6)
Visage of the deity, greater (added Competition 9, Mysticism 9, Purification 9)
Visage of the deity, lesser (added Mysticism 3)
War cry (4th to 2nd)
Waterspout (added druid 7)
Weapon of the deity (4th to 3rd)
Weather eye (removed cleric 4)
Whirlwind, greater (added Windstorm 9)
Wood rot (5th to 4th)
Wrack (cleric 3 to cleric 4, sorcerer/wizard 4 to sorcerer/wizard 5)
Zeal (added Competition 2)
Zealot pact (added Competition 6)

Domains that have changed names:
Weather to Windstorm

Domains that have spell list changes:
Windstorm (formerly Weather)

Additional Errata Regarding Spell Access

Effective February 1, 2006, the following changes are in effect for the Living Greyhawk campaign:

  • The spells quill blast and spikes (both from the Spell Compendium) are core access.

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