Diplomacy Check10/16/2007

The End of Days
Rumors and Tales from the Flanaess

It is good to see you again my fellow adventurers. Luckily it appears that my call for adventurers everywhere to take up arms and protect Oerth has been answered. It definitely gives me hope to see so many travel great distances to seek out and destroy evil no matter what area of the world they are in.

Some of you may have heard this rumor of the Doomgrinder located near Greyhawk City. Indeed I have been to it and have talked too many of the sages who have studied this strange monument. I believe, as so many do, that it is some sort of mechanism that is counting down the days to…to…something. What that is even I am not sure, but it is most assuredly not good. Gregarius Gorgenstein, who is one of my old adventuring companions, has obsessed over the Doomgrinder for ages. I have been in contact with him recently and he assured me it was moving toward an upright position. Unfortunately I have not heard from him since his last message. Hopefully it is because he is so entranced with his studies and not foul play.

I checked out the strange lights over Ekbir and it turned out to be a false attack. Something strange indeed happened, but I was shut out and turned away at every place I went. The rumblings from the locals I heard was that a god had come and blessed them with the holiest of artifacts. I know not what they spoke of, but it has me worried that the populace is in a zealous frenzy backing their leaders who are keeping silent on this "blessing." On my way back out of the baklunish west, I heard of a great force assembling in the mountains. Why this would be of consequence I have no idea but I urge you, adventurers, to seek out the baklunish countries for something big is about to happen I feel it.

Many townsfolk and even the occasional adventurer have asked me if I have ever had any contact with the legendary Circle of Eight. I always get a good chuckle from this question, because I used to be a traveling bard and quite frequently came across various members of the circle. Some of their exploits would not be known if it wasn’t for me, though of course I do not boast overtly this fact. Bigby became an acquaintance of mine for some time until the Flight of Fiends success. After that he became rather reclusive, not wanting to show himself around all that often and rarely ever heeded my queries. I am still worried to this day that something did not go as planned with that ritual, and I fear for my friend.

Well, I’m at last at my destination. I think the portal was around here somewhere, blast I can never remember exactly where it is at. Getting to the Abyss is always a troublesome act. Ah here it is! I must check that everything is here that I need for there are always nasty creatures that reside in this wretched place. I can only hope I find what I am looking for as the last known sighting of Old Wicked was in the depths of the Abyss. I know he was trying to carve out his own realm but I was told that that in endeavor was retorted back by adventurers. Hopefully I shall see all of you soon, if not then carry on the good fight.

Till the sword’s blade steals my breath….

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