Rumors and Tales from the Flanaess

This was quite possibly one of the worst months I have had in some time. I now am comfortably resting in the Gold Coin Inn in Sefmur, Tusmit. I always have been partial to the delicacies of the Baklunish nations. There seems to tension around here and I haven’t been able to pin down exactly why. I should just be thankful that I am even enjoying a drink after having gotten out of Dorakaa like I did.

My robe was torn to shreds by some acid spewing beast that the fiends unleashed on me. I was constantly evading his contingents throughout the land. I even managed to infiltrate a few of them to gauge the morale (It was actually quite jovial to my surprise) of his troops and to see if I could learn any news. Alas, nothing came of the reports that Old Wicked was gathering forces for some unknown war but was turned away rather rudely. I guess I can’t rely on guile alone like I used to. Hah! I always have my backup plan as I desperately needed to replenish supplies. The one word I heard over and over while I was in the city was Bakluni. Quite odd that a city full of malice and spite would be so interested in the baklunish. It is of course why I made my way to Tusmit by way of Ket.

Speaking of Ket, on my way through I was unsettled by what I viewed there. I fear another bloody war is on the horizon with Bissel. The men of Bissel want revenge on their northern brethren for their past transgressions. This is not what we need in this tenuous time. I know peace negotiations have been dispatched and have been met with mixed emotions. I can only hope that some sort of civility shines upon those with the wisdom and the leadership and the pointless bickering stops.

Now that I am here in Sefmur, I have not seen or heard of any of Old Wicked’s minions plotting against these countries. Strange, seems a lot of Tusmans are excitedly speaking about something happening to the west. I’ll have to go on outside and see what all this chatter is about. Peculiar indeed, it seems spots of red are darkening the sky over Ekbir. Most upsetting indeed. At least now I was correct in thinking that Old Wicked had his little beady eyes set upon this part of the Flanaess. I pray that this is just some strange phenomenon and easily explained away and not the end of Ekbir.

I leave you now with one more piece of rumor. It appears that Turrosh Mak’s vigorous attempt at peace with the lands around Greyhawk and the Sheldomar has met deaf ears. With all that I have seen lately, I surely hope that someone at least listens to him for he may provide an unusual but needed ally in the near future.

Till the sword’s blade steals my breath….

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