Diplomacy Check05/15/2007

Restless Nights

Ah. I love the Dragon Turtle Inn this time of year. There is always talk of fantastical adventures and ridiculous rumors floating about here. I think it is because Flocktime is here and everyone is deciding to enjoy the weather. The colleges and schools are almost ready to be let out and the newly graduated will be contemplating on living the life of an adventurer or sitting behind a desk here in the relative safety of Greyhawk City. Oh and by the way the turtle soup and stale ale here is not too bad either.

So after having my fill of the Dragon Turtle Inn and with the weather having been decent lately I decided to take a stroll down to the Dock Quarter. There are always new arrivals down there full of unexpected stories ready and willing to tell them for a few mugs of ale. Some of what I am about to tell you came from them, some not. I will say this however, not in a long time have I had chills like these come from such supposed benign tales.

“A few of the local nobles have been visited by strange dreams lately in the City of Greyhawk. I was contacted by the University of Magical Arts to see if I had any knowledge of what they were seeing. The visions were one of a vile man within a marsh of some kind cackling about how he was going to unleash a construct made entirely out of mist upon the city. Unfortunately, I had not heard of such a thing in my lifetime but something about it gave me the chills. The man they described did sound eerily familiar but I cannot place it. Needless to say the nobles are quite restless, and I dare say I do not blame them.”

“This is a most distressing rumor if true. The Overking supposedly worked with some more disreputable clients in Marner to steal the Seal of the Alliance from the Baronial Vault in Ratik. This seal represents the good faith of the Frutzii and Ratik, and their precarious alliance could be shattered by it being stolen. Hopefully someone will look into the matter and retrieve this scroll so that peace will be restored.”

“A strange story has come to me from the lands of Highfolk where caravans carrying just copper are being assaulted. This man who told me of it said that his band of merchants made it through just fine carrying assorted spices and clothing but that his brother’s caravan was attacked and all were killed by some thing. That caravan was carrying copper, and there are many more stories like this. Perrenland and Highfolk are not sure what to make of these affairs, but copper shipments have been halted. Maybe good folk like you can see about what is going on there.”

“A frail half-orc sailor that came off the boat this morning relayed a sad tale in which he lost his family to a frenzied pack of commoners bent on making someone pay for their frustrations with the government of Greyhawk. It seems that there is much animosity in the outer regions over Turrosh Mak regaining much of the Wild Coast. He has no affiliations with the Mak and his family was just trying to get by near Safeton. The people there felt that they needed to fight back. They were fearful that he and his family were spies sent to watch them and, when the time was right, kill them. Unfortunately, when he went to go to the market the people wiped out his family, and he fled on a ship to Greyhawk to plead his case to the government. I can only hope that his story does not fall on deaf ears.”

Till the sword’s blade steals my breath….

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