Diplomacy Check04/17/2007

Strange Days Indeed...

Not a whole lot has changed in the last month since I last spoke in front of so many. My bum knee healed rather nicely, so I was able to get out and about much easier thank you very much. After having walked much of Greyhawk the last month I decided to take a trek outside the city walls and towards Blackwall Keep. There is word of some commotion of a goblin army or what not amassing near the Cairn Hills. I could hardly believe any type of creatures would be that daring or stupid enough to do such a thing so close to the Gem of the Flanaess.

Seems however, I arrived a bit late as adventurers got their first and quickly subdued the situation. I, of course, decided to sit down at Blackwall’s Keep Inn to share some of my latest gossip. I could not pass up the chance to relay some of the wonders I have heard lately to all the bored soldiers at Blackwall. Why it seems none of them really do much of anything on a daily basis and just trudge around doing menial chores with no real excitement at all. Such a shame, such a shame.

“A chap by the name of Lars, or was it Lairst? Bah no matter the point is he said he came by a strange black figurine when staggering through a back alley in the Foreign Quarter. He swears it let out a hiss, and its eyes blinked yellow as it tore through the alley making noise the whole time. Lairst then proceeded to hear rustling noises as if they creature had awoken something or someone who was slumbering. Needless to say he got out of there as quick as a bird.”

“A decrepit old lady by the name of Vershan has been trying to gain a foothold in the land of Tenh. Rather mean spirited I have heard and does not take kindly to strangers wishing to prey upon the ill fortunes of her people. All who enter her lands must swear loyalty to her or she beheads them and sends their remains to the sea.”

“In the vast swamp land of the Pelisso there is said to be some slime creature that winds its way through the water wrapping up unsuspecting ships. It covets not the treasures but the warm flesh that is on board. What is even more devilish is that it uses the remains as bait to lure in other ships. I have known numerous adventurers who said they were going to the Pelisso Swamp, and I never heard from them again.”

“It is said that the Rovers of the Barrens are on the prowl again. I have learned through various intelligence that they are gathering a rather large strike force to launch against Old Wicked. They have formed a tenuous alliance with the Wolf Nomads who are providing even more men to the cause. I pray to Ehlonna that they are successful in at least penetrating his defenses and to help stem the tide of his evil.”

“I have a rather funny story about my trip to the Artisan Quarter the other day. Seems while walking into The Wild Goose I managed to step into some otherworldly tavern. Not sure what caused me to do this but the owner Mitchifer was pleasant. I’d suggest going there if you have the time as the sights and ‘clientele’ were very strange indeed.

Till the sword’s blade steals my breath….

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