Diplomacy Check02/20/2007

Burning Embers
Tavern Tales and Grog Gossip

The winter chill has arrived, and luckily I find myself sitting by a warm fire in the White Dragon Inn. A few stragglers have arrived, but the locals seem to be ready for my usually performance. The wind howls outside, and I pray to Fharlanghn that their travels be safe this time of year.

Traveling through the vast regions of Oerth is quite tiring I’ve learned. Singing, acting, telling unique stories to many varied peoples is exhilarating. However, I have often found that listening to their stories the most fascinating of all. Truly that is the reason why I get out of my plush bed each and every dawn for what they have to say is often even more unusual and frightening. Each word that passes through their mouths I find myself not wanting to believe, or quite frankly maybe, I do not want to believe what horrors they have heard about that are actually true.

“Alright everyone settle down, settle down. Listen closely for what I am about to tell you are some of the more ghastly rumors yet. I took great pains to get this information for you all, but yet, I still seem to be unable to sleep through the night. I hope all of you will not have the same fate as I.”

“The barbarian tribes up in the north seem to be fighting off the same foe. Some rather foul creatures made up of ice and rock. People get swallowed up by the very snow they walk on disappearing with nothing but their belongings left on the ground. I have heard that this is the work of a new demon lord wanting to establish his presence here on Oerth but luckily it is far away from here…”

“During my travels through the Sheldomar Valley, many villagers whispered of dark skinned elves whisking in and out of the darkness. They would swoop in and take off with children to be sacrificed for sure. Any search party that went looking for the missing never came back either. Sure the local militias of the region sent their own search parties and found nothing but trouble. They never dared enter the Underdark; they aren’t fools. Maybe this is just the beginning for I hear the spider Queen is making her move sooner rather than later.”

“A long lost tomb of some supposed king was found right near the Cairn hills a few weeks back. Rather curious is it not that a king would be found practically under our noses? I am sure that most of our ‘upstanding’ guilds have sent their constituents to check out the validity. No one seems to be in for much of an uproar over this even though 'tis close to home. No matter, I am most assured that there are some fine adventurers in the crowd that would love to check out some dust ridden, insect plagued grave.”

“I traveled very close to the barbaric lands of Stonehold, and let me tell you, I hope you never go near that place. From what I gathered a new leader is rising amongst the ranks, killing off any competition, and winning numerous skirmishes against the forces of old wicked and the snow barbarians. Fortunately for me, I happened to take my leave of that place right before he came through and slaughtered everyone in sight.”

“'Tis a sad day as I now know that Safeton is the last bastion of hope against Turrosh Mak’s uprising in the south. I met many refugees during the last few months on my travels, and they tell me of the unspeakable horrors that they endure from his army swiftly moving in and either just killing or taking the people. The leaders of Greyhawk have turned a blind eye to the problem and have let it fester. They insist to me that nothing is wrong and that all is well down there. Let me tell you that I have seen what has happened, and it is most definitely not well.”

Till the sword’s blade steals my breath….

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