A Sudden Turn of Events
Rumors and Tales from the Flanaess

“This will be a unique derivation from the norm compared to my other oratory tales. I have traveled outside the safe walls of Greyhawk City and begun the trek towards the lands of Old Wicked. I of course know the question that is sure to be on everyone’s lips as they hear that statement. Why? Well word has reached me through multiple reliable sources that something sinister is afoot and that it needed my immediate attention.

Being that I have yet to be out of the city for almost over a year I decided now was the time to finally bathe in the countryside and take a leisurely stroll into the occupied lands. Do not worry about me being caught I am to wily and nimble, yes even in my old age I am spry enough, to not let some fools of the Old One catch me. I am less than a week into my journey and already the signs of his taint are everywhere. I can just feel it in the air and know that he is up to no good. This little foray will lead me just to the outskirts of Molag. I must see it with my own eyes to know that these tales are absolutely true.

I might as well tell you a few of the details that are speculative right now. Like I have said none of this can be confirmed, but I do hope that they are not true for the sake of all that lives.

It is said that the Bonehearts are gathering more forces for some unseen enemy or war. Now while that may not seem like a big deal as they often do build up before they attack the various nations surrounding them my sources say that they are not building up to go to war but to help defend their territory. Mighty strange actions for an enemy that so often seeks out to maim and kill.

The fiends that Old Wicked still has influence over have been seen in the far reaches of Oerth. They are not concocting devious plans to manipulate the local constabulary but instead seem to be searching for something. Many have been seen in areas of high concentration of the Scarlet Brotherhood and in the Yatil Mountains.

Finally and this was the last straw from me, the Library of Greyhawk was raided a few nights ago. Only a few old tomes were taken but what interested me the most was how they were taken and what text they held. The defenders said that it appeared that the room was bent and warped as if someone was twisting it. They were nauseated and quickly overcome with pain. All the ancient tomes taken spoke of unusual items, rare and mundane, of The Dark God, Tharizdun.

Ahh! Excellent. I have passed the Ritensa River. The stink is becoming a bit more overwhelming now and the daily patrols are sure to be about. I must be quick and silent if I wish to find the information that I seek. Be vigilant and keep a watch out for peculiar activities of the Old One.

Till the sword’s blade steals my breath….

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