Diplomacy Check12/27/2005

Tales for a New Year

The bitter cold nips at everyone’s noses, the days grow darker, and evil seems to take advantage of this to thrive and flourish breeding large tales. Luckily my ears are long and well maintained so that I have heard numerous fantastic but terrifying rumors. Lest everyone forget that soon the year will come to an end so be sure to use all those time units adventuring and not merely watching your friends hoard all the fun. Year six in the Living Greyhawk campaign is coming up, and it’s sure to be just as exciting as the other five. Many regions are beginning new storylines, the retirement level caps at 16th and the new High Level adventures hit hopefully around the middle of next year. (I said hopefully!)

Onward to more strange but possibly true rumors around the Flanaess. Remember Dungeon Masters (DMs), be sure to print off this page and take it with you to your latest convention (Winter Fantasy..hint..hint). So pull up that hot mug of cider and crowd around the table. This inn is getting a bit too silent for my taste, wouldn’t want idle ears to hear what I have to say. Remember for each tale I tell you buy the next round…

Rumor Mill

“I overheard during my travels in the lands near the Empire of Iu…er Old Wicked that a king of kings was born. I am not sure what or who this ‘king’ is but the peoples were speaking as if he was the chosen one that would bring about the end of Old Wicked. Others were fearful that this could be the next tyrant to plunge them into even further darkness and despair. If you ask me I’d say let fate work its magic and see how it all plays out.”

“The City of Greyhawk appears to have a mad thief on the loose. The militia is going nuts trying to find this creature of the night. Stolen all kinds of weird relics and various magic items he has. The mage tower was hit last weekend and just last night the Temple of Pelor. Minor baubles in my humble opinion but when I happened to be walking past the captain’s quarters last night they mentioned something about the items when merged form some grand weapon. Hogwash I say, the thief just wants to get their hands on some good coin is all. Still gotta admire him for his guts especially with the Greyhawk Thieves guild probably after him. He’s probably from Dyvers…”

“Dwarves and elves feuding over fertile lands, it takes me back to the early days. Oh well this time its near where The Mak. My guess is he’s got his hands into this but who knows for sure. Every time I look around more hordes and ships are joining his cause. He must’ve found something good down there. Must have been a ton of gold or adamantine in those mountains...the Drachenstraab or whatever they are called.”

“I was resting at the shrine of Fharlanghn during my last travel that some of the gods are angry and not allowing followers access to certain powers. This of course frightened me but they all kept it hush hush, saying that it best this not get out for the masses get panicked and cause a riot. Of course this may all be some grand scheme of the mad god but who knows for sure.”

Till the sword’s blade steals my breath….

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