Fall Fables

Hopefully many of you attended Origins and Gen Con Indy this year and delighted in the many offerings of Living Greyhawk adventures and survived to tell another tale! "The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth" proved to be a worthy battleground for even the most skilled adventurer, and I know many more are still planning on braving its sickening labyrinths of evil. I know as I made my way out of there just in the nick of time, I couldn’t let myself get killed over a such petty thing as treasure! I’ll leave that up to the real adventurers as I’m more of a charmer -- or at least I’d like to think of myself as one.

However, time is short as I feel the shadows staring into my soul, stalking me in every city I go to. No doubt they are seeking my uncanny ability to draw out even the most locked up secrets from any person on Oerth. I must be quick and subtle for you need to hear these latest ill tidings to better prepare for the months to come. The information must be used for good and not fall into dark hands. So remember Dungeon Masters (DM) be sure to print off this page and take it with you to your latest convention. This will enhance the play experience and also give insight to things that may be coming down the line, for as many know in Living Greyhawk rumor tend to be heard in the strangest places.

The Rumor Mill

“Borget found this strange ebony blade laced with strange runes in the snow capped mountains in the north, the Hanging Glacier I believe. Supposedly he said he had to fight off numerous ice creatures and then as he was skillfully giving up ground, or I think running like a scared howler, he slid down a huge block of ice where he noticed something protruding from it. He claimed to chip at it for days before it finally gave way all the while fighting off hordes of beasts. A great monstrosity finally came for him just as he freed the weapon and new life energized him and gave him the strength to best this beast. The weapon has changed him quite a bit I’ll say that. It’s as if the weapon now is a part of him and he keeps talking about how he must go on some quest to fulfill the next part of its legacy.”

“I have heard that the Traitor, I think you know who that is especially since we're sitting in the Green Dragon Inn in Greyhawk City, is subtly building up an army of desert marauders. Creatures made up of some ancient legend born of the desert itself. My contacts have claimed they’ve seen creatures made up of sand and the very dust itself waylaying all that approach his tower. Alas, my other contacts haven’t reported back to me since they reported to me about this dragon nonsense…”

“The heat wave in Tusmit seems to have lightened up a bit as well as the rain in Dyvers too. Though Quaril, my buddy in the know, has battled all kinds of elementals ‘cept air ones which is weird, but not as weird as him, HAH! Quaril can speak all those strange elemental languages and they kept spewing nonsense about how their princes are going to come to the material plane and wipe out Oerth. They kept mentioning about some lost temple as well but he wasn’t sure what that was about. It’s just a bunch of idiotic babble from monsters that hare half-brained if you ask me.”

“Goblins and kobolds are going to unite under one banner and converge upon the Free City of Greyhawk. I swear this is what I heard when I was being tortured by them just last week. They meant it too as they kept jumping up and down preaching about their ill god. They were some of the fiercest kobolds I’ve ever seen. They were near Safeton...or was it the County of Urnst… ”

Till the sword’s blade steals my breath….

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