Gen Con Indy Preview

The dog days of summer are in full force so why not cool off and head over to Indianapolis for Gen Con Indy! The gaming will be fast and furious with so much to do that you won’t even have time for sleep. With all those new adventures are at your disposal, it’s hard not to get excited and ready to roll those dice. Three brand new adventures debut for Living Greyhawk to challenge your wiles, but the Living Greyhawk special, Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, will test even the bravest of adventurer's metal.

Some adventurers may have noticed meeting strange gnomes throughout various parts of the Flanaess giving them a weird gem and cryptic messages. A band of adventurers has finally tracked down one of these gnomes near the Yatil Mountains in a small vale where they live beneath the shadow of the mammoth mountain range. Their legends speak of a compound, whose name many fear to even whisper, filled with wondrous treasures. How could any hardened adventurer pass up such a challenge? Loose tongues, the weathered remains of adventuring gear and long abandoned campsites show that many adventurers have already sought their fortunes here, or met their makers, long ago. Surely it’s deserted now… isn’t it? Do you dare to go into the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth to challenge whatever may evil lurk there now?

Also as a special bonus for those adventurers with tickets to the main event tables for the Living Greyhawk special, you play this adventure in fully realized 3-D using various miniatures, Dwarven Forge MasterMaze, and custom play mats . This isn’t just limited to high level parties but applies to all APLs playing the main event tables.

If that isn’t enough to get you to Gen Con Indy, there are three brand new Living Greyhawk adventures ready for adventurers both young and old!

COR5-11 Dark Deceit on Bright Sands
The Blight on Bright Sands core plot continues with this exciting new chapter. The Lady Karistyne calls upon your aid to venture into the scathing desert region to chase silly rumors of dragons and gods. What right minded adventurer would believe in that?

COR5-12 Return to Undercity
If going into the desert and searching for some lost cavern weren’t enough, rumors about the slavers returning to wreak havoc on the land is just the icing on the cake. This time Celene calls upon you to investigate if the rumors are true (pray they are not) and go deep into the underbelly of Greyhawk.

COR5-13 The Price of Power
The next part of the Tome of Clarity and Mists series is sure to be the best. The end draws near and the monk’s fate is in your hands. What is to become of them and what is it about this ancient monastery?

Once you have signed up be sure to check out which your marshalling area. Knowing were to congregate at the start of the game session will greatly help you in your quest to seek out the right kind of adventurers to to aid you in your travels and enhance your wealth! Just hop over to the Gen Con Indy Marshaling to learn all they need to know to make marshalling as easy as possible for yourself and others.

Here are the official blurbs for each of the Living Greyhawk adventures:

CORS5-03 Secrets of Tsojcanth
Evil once again lurks within the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth. This adventure is playable by any Living Greyhawk character and is split into three sections: low level, middle level, and high level.

COR5-11 Dark Deceit on Bright Sands
Lady Karistyne once again needs your aid. The ever-shifting sands of the Bright Lands hide much and rumors of dragons in the deep desert have the great and the good worried. Part 4 of the Blight on Bright Sands campaign arc. For character levels 1 to 11 (APLs 2-8).

COR5-12 Return to Undercity
Homes are burned to the ground and whole families vanished. Dark rumors speak of vessels sailing the hated yellow sails of the Slavelords. An agent of Celene needs your help to ascertain if this sinister force has returned. For character levels 1 to 11 (APLs 2-8).

COR5-13 The Price of Power
Scattered tales and misremembered legends conspire to lead you to an ancient monastery. This adventure is the continuation of the Tome of Clarity and Mists series for character levels 1 to 16 (APLs 2-14).

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