Diplomacy Check12/21/2004

Gen Con So Cal Report

Another year has just about wrapped up in Living Greyhawk, and the last big convention of the season happened a few weeks ago in sunny Anaheim (Well sunny for a few days at least). Gen Con So Cal was even a bigger success this year than last with well over 150 tables of Living Greyhawk played. With two new modules premiered at the show and the Castle Greyhawk special running for the last time, players came out in droves.

Of course none of this was possible if it without the many judges who arrived and decided to devote their time to enliven the Living Greyhawk experience for many new gamers. There are way too many people to list here but you know who you are, and we thank you for the great help that you gave all weekend long. (Since many came up to the table on the last day asking how you get all the free swag, it all goes to the GM who helped out. In the future, if you want a stab at the daily stack-of-stuff drawing, volunteer to GM!)

There were a great many new players either jumping back into the roleplaying genre, looking for something to play, or just wanting to get involved with the Living campaigns offered by the RPGA. In fact well over 100 new players joined the RPGA during the four day weekend and had a great time. Combined with last year, it's a great sign that the RPGA is growing in southern California.

About forty tables of the Castle Greyhawk special played over the weekend sending many players wildly searching for the keys of the crazed god Zagyg. It was a good time to watch players peak around every corner, searching every nook and cranny of the dungeon to try and find the keys, and looking out for the slightest movement because even the shadows could take a chunk out of you. Keep your eyes open, the winners of the Castle Greyhawk key challenge for Gen Con So Cal will be announced shortly.

That’s it for this report and for pretty much 594CY. Coming up, most of the 5 year plot lines are ending and it’s going to be an even more exciting year than last. See you all at Winter Fantasy!

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