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COR3-19 Folly – Update (Possible Spoilers)

There is a bit of confusion about one of the possible rewards listed on the adventure record for the event COR3-19 Folly. So the following is some clarification on it (these clarifications are in the mod but not on the AR).

  • Fortune of the Absurdly Incongruous: Similar to the Luck Domain, the player may re-roll a single d20 die once per gaming session. So, the PC may re-roll any d20 roll for an attack, skill check, saving throw, etc. The second result on the die must be kept, even if it is worse than the first. This special ability is only awarded if the table successfully solves the final puzzle. This effect lasts for one game year from the date "Folly" is played. (If the PC already has the Luck Domain, this effect is negated. It cannot be used to re-roll a die that has already been re-rolled using another effect.)

Complete Divine – Typo Updates

Due to the circle having a pre-release copy of Complete Divine when updating the Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook, a few wording errors crept into the final version of it. The following will clarify those items as needed.

Vigor (Spell) – These are listed as regenerate type spells in the LGCS 3.0 – they are core access.

Divine Metamagic (Feat) – This Feat can only be applied to divine spells and when you choose this feat you must pick a metamagic feat that it applies to, thus it has a prerequisite of having at least one metamagic feat already.

Stormlord (Prestige Class) – This was left off the lists in the LGCS. It is considered restricted until as a time it can be included in the normal lists.

New Core Releases:

October 2004 (GenCon Europe)

COR4-15 War Of The Dust by Paul Looby
What greater tragedy than a realm at war with itself over the ruins of past glories? What greater sorrow than blood spilled for a legacy of dust? What greater need than hope for a despairing people, than life for a dying land? Part Three of the Children of the Dust Trilogy. APL 4-14. 2 rounds

COR4-16 The Frozen Spire by Creighton Broadhurst
For almost forty years, Ice Spire has dominated the eastern approaches to Dunhead Bay. Recent political events however demand the mystery behind the tower's doom be solved and a surprise discovery links the frigid lands of Ice Spire to the nameless threat lurking in the dark recesses of the Bright Desert. Part 3 of the Sins of Ages Past. APL 6-12.

November 2004

COR4-17 Real Hero Blues by Theron Martin
Defeating the forces of evil, assisting those in need, protecting the common folk from dire threats, or undertaking special missions: all these are the purview of heroic adventurers. But what happens when such heroes are themselves in need of help? And what is so important that these heroes are willing to die for it? That is where you come in. A loose sequel to Witch Hunt. APLs 8-16

December 2004 (GenCon SoCal)

COR4-18 It Never Rains in Nyrond by Chris Chesher
With the constant pressure and sorrow that Eastfair extrudes, even the most stout hearted can get the blues from time to time. But missions must be completed and duties upheld with little time left over for lamenting on greener grass. Now an old friend needs you to carry on where others have failed. A package needs to go from point A to point B, and even with a severe storm brewing, this side trip should not take you far out of the way of your own destination. That said destination being that of the instigator of all this. Part 4 of the Running with the Baatezu series. APL 2-8

COR4-19 That Which Was Not Meant To Be Known by Greg Marks
A favor takes you from the town of Diamond Lake to the tiny village of Rowanfen on the edge of the Mistmarsh where nothing is quite as it seems. A core adventure in the Domain of Greyhawk for APLs 2 to 6.

COR4-20 Like Salt on an Open Wound by Steven Conforti
A salt trader asks you to protect her and her entourage. She is seeking a new trade route through the Baklunish West, where tempers are flaring and no merchant caravan is safe. Can you see her safely to Zeif? A Living Greyhawk core adventure for APLs 2 to 10, and Part 1 of Blessings of the Shah.

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