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Campaign Survey Continued

The Living Greyhawk campaign staff prides itself on being as accessible to the players as possible. From the LG-Draft list, where every player has an equal say, to the LG survey where you can give comments and know a circle member will read every last one of them, to talking to players one-on-one at shows, we do our best to make every last player feel like their voice is being heard and the campaign is listening.

So with January marking the start of the 4th year of the Living Greyhawk campaign, we also kicked off our 2nd annual LG survey. This survey gave the players in the campaign a chance to rate the campaign as a whole, their region, and sound off on what they liked and disliked about the campaign. Also, part of the survey was the chance to win a unique prize for use within the campaign. Last years winners had a character gain access to a restricted prestige class while another play had their paladin learn of the aasimar blood that flowed within his veins.

So without further ado the following two players are the winners of the Living Greyhawk 2004 Survey challenge.

  • Mitchell Clark from California
  • Warren Wright of Australia


New Core Releases

June 2004

COR4-08 The Letter by Craig Hier
Today seemed like it was going to be a quiet, peaceful day but a mysterious missive has embroiled you in a mysterious plot. Do you dare take on the challenge or just get out of the way as fast as possible. Either way, the City of Greyhawk may never be the same. A sequel to Face Value. APLs 2-12

COR4-09 A Tiger? In Ahlissa? by Chris Chesher
Welcome back brave adventurer to Eastfair, the Granite City and capital of the North Kingdom. Your room at The Whirling Dervish is all ready for you as Clinorus has something important to tell you. Are you prepared to dig deeper into the cause and effect of the ritual-like murder from your last stay in Eastfair? The Hextorian government has been of little help, but perhaps you can expedite the situation through other channels. In a city where evil and tyranny rules, the forces of good are the cults, which makes justice and mercy all the more valuable as imports. Part 2 of the Running with the Baatezu series. APL 2-6

July 2004

COR4-10 Riddle of the Dust by Paul Looby
The Stonelands – all that remains of the proud Duchy of Tenh. A mystery haunts these barrens, one that promises rebirth for a fallen people. Part Two of the Children of the Dust Trilogy. APL 2-10.

August 2004 (Gen Con Indy)

COR4-03 Castle Greyhawk by Jason Bulmahn and David Christ
For years, the dungeons beneath Castle Greyhawk have been sealed but no longer. Crazed followers of the mad god have disappeared inside, inviting the brave, the greedy, the pure, and the wicked to join them. Your invitation arrived this morning. Do you dare to follow them into the most infamous dungeon in all the Flanaess. This is a special event for Living Greyhawk characters of any level. The event is divided into two parts, the low is for characters 8th level and lower, while the high is for 9th level and up.

COR4-11 Crimson Stains of Forgotten History by James Zweirs
Embassies are common in this time of tenacious and fragile peace. However, despite this peace and the relative security it brings such embassies are almost always heavily guarded. Now, you have been asked to accompany one such embassy from the Free City of Dekspoint to the North Kingdom. APLs 2 – 16. This is the First Stanza of the Frozen Blood saga. It is recommended that heroes have played COR4-04 Red Tide before undertaking this adventure.

COR4-12 Key to the Grave by Jason Bulmahn
A poor innkeep has a ghastly problem on his hands. A strange man staying at the inn was found dead in his room, but when the guard arrived to claim the body, it was missing. More troubling though is his possessions and the holy Symbol of an evil god found under his bed. Part Two of the Key to Greyhawk series, the first part of which is the Mad God's Key found in Dungeon Magazine #114. Playing part one is recommended but not required. For characters APLs 2-6

COR4-13 A Wretched Soul by Mike Hinds
Fresh from a peaceful sea voyage to Hardby, City of the Scorned, your prowess at daring-do is called upon. The far off jungles of Hepmonaland are your destination with their ferocious beasts and wild Olman who sacrifice outlanders to their alien gods. What motivates the jaded adventurer to take on such a mission? The promise of coin? Assisting those with good cause? Or a chance to redeem the unredeemable? An adventure for APLs 10 to 18. Sequel to Through Nature to Eternity.

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