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To Serve the Greater Good

This article contains major spoilers for the series To Serve the Greater Good. If you do not bear and of the marks or curses from this series then do not read further.

Clarifications from the Circle

If you have the Mark of Avernus from COR2-07 Ashes of Innocence only and have played or judged COR3-08 Man with Nothing then the Mark of Avernus goes away.

If you have played COR3-08 A Man with Nothing, then only the character that played that event can have any of the curses, and none of your other characters can gain them in the future

The following applies to anybody who bears any of the curses from this series (Mark of Avernus, Mark of Cania, Mark of Stygia, Curse of Nessus), and is 6th level or higher. If you are under 6th level then the below does not apply until you reach 6th level. The changes listed below become effective on June 21.

Theron's Visit

The chill spring air rolls in through your window as clouds once again cover the moon above shrouding your room in darkness. Finally sleep comes but the sweet slumber you were expecting is not yours this night. A shadowy shape creeps from the deep shadows in the corner of your room. ‘Wake up vessel. Wake up I said NOW!!!”

With a jolt you sit up and see yourself sitting on a chair next to your bed. The figure appears identical in every way except the curses that cover your body are not on his.

“I am done with you. You have served your purpose in hiding me and now it is time to take me home.”, as you watch the image of yourself shifts until you are staring at Theron. “Oh yes. The symbols on you not only represent my kind but they represent me. The protections I have granted you these past months have been revoked. You will gather your friends and take me back to Perdition. That old foolish priest you betrayed is in Falsridge and can guide you there. Do not bother fighting. In the end you will succumb or die. Either way I am happy. Now wake up and feel my sweet kiss for the last time.”

With a jolt you sit up out of bed. The room is empty as sounds of the street cleaners waft in through the window. Was it a dream? As if to answer it you feel a tingle on your cheek as if somebody was close to you breathing on your face. Then the curses on your arm start burning with a fire you have not felt since they first blessed you with their resistance to heat. Then, as quickly as it started, it stops and the room plunges into cold as the wind fills your room with its chilled air.

“Give me what I want and I will go away” the voice says once more and then the room is silent once again.

Theron has revoked his blessing and thus the curses (marks) from this series have changed in their effects. The following text replaces the following curses: Mark of Avernus, Mark of Cania, Mark of Stygia, Curse of Nessus. Cross any of the previous off the adventure record it appears on and use the following instead. Any action in an adventure that removes one of the previously named curses will also remove the "Touched by Theron" curse below.

Touched by Theron: This character has been the unknowing bearer of the devil Theron for months. He has decided to revoke the protection he granted his vessel (the character) and the following now apply. These runes appear as tattoos on the left arm and chest of the person cursed with them. The runes are in infernal and spell out the true names of 101 devils (or 202/303 depending on Mark). The runes crawl over the afflicted person’s skin forming new names constantly. The character is now susceptible to fire and cold and takes an extra point of damage per die vs. these types of energy. The character also does not heal naturally and his ending hit point total from an adventure are his starting hit points for the next one. The character is also resistant to magical healing of any type unless the caster can make a caster level check equal to your characters level plus eleven. This resistance cannot be bypassed by any other means nor suppressed by the curse bearer. Theron has restored the characters natural skin color and while the character no longer suffers negative social interaction effects, he still has the runes crawling over his skin that causes strange looks unless covered. Theron talks to the character constantly which sounds like a constant buzzing or tickling in the back of the characters head. This distraction, causes the character to take a -4 penalty on initiative as well as a -6 penalty on all Spot and Listen checks.

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