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New Core Releases

May 2003

COR4-06 Duke of the Dust by Paul Looby
The fertile fields of Tenh are no more. The fate of the Tenha people hangs in the balance. Can they survive to reclaim their birthright or will they be scattered forever like wind-blown dust ? Part One of the Children of the Dust trilogy. For APLs 2-10.

COR4-07 Full Circle to Oblivion (2 rounds) by David Christ
Pride, cowardice, fear, and lack of faith have stripped bare the hearts of many a man of the cloth. Now all that is left is a boy, his broken father, and a village of the once damned on the edge of the Vale of Luna. The journey that started at the Flight of Fiends has come full circle and now all the chess pieces are in place. Powerful forces move in the shadows each with their own agenda on this night of the forsaken. Which has the best interest of the Flanaess in mind and can the heroes find the right path before the shadows step into the light once again ? Part Four and the final chapter in the To Serve the Greater Good series. For APLs 8 – 16

Summer Living Greyhawk Specials

The summer big show season is just around the corner and with it comes the LG special events that so many plan their summer convention season around. So take a gander at the evils we have planed for you this summer and make sure not to miss them.

CORS4-02 Here There be Dragons By Kevin Lawson, Dave LoTempio, Rich Marflak, Shawn Merwin, Bill Muench, and Charles Peacock
A timeless dragon-lore prophecy speaks of an empire of serpents and their worshippers who will threaten even the greatest nations of Oerth. In the frozen world of the obsidian North, the desperate, the ambitious, and the foolhardy eke out a meager existence, all pursuing their own mysterious goals. What impact can a few adventurers have on a cruel and barren land? A core special adventure for APLs 2-18. This adventure will run in its original form at Origins 2004 only. It will be released in a modified form for home play at a later date.

CORS4-03 Castle Greyhawk by Jason Bulmahn and David Christ:
For years, the dungeons beneath Castle Greyhawk have been sealed but no longer. Crazed followers of the mad god have disappeared inside, inviting the brave, the greedy, the pure, and the wicked to join them. Your invitation arrived this morning. Do you dare to follow them into the most infamous dungeon in all the Flanaess. This is a special event for characters of any level. The event is divided into two parts, the low is for characters 8th level and lower, while the high is for 9th level and up (when registering make sure to pick the right one). This adventure will run at Gen Con Indy 2004, Gen Con So Cal 2004, and selected overseas shows only.

Holy Smokes !!! – Complete Divine in the LGCS 3.0

With the Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook 3.0 finished and being used in the campaign, a lot of people have noticed that it contains the campaign rulings for the Complete Divine guidebook due out in May. This is part of the circles commitment to keep ahead of the release schedule and let the players use new books as soon as possible in the campaign. While the LGCS does cover the rules for the Complete Divine, the book itself is not legal for the campaign until June 15th. Until than please use the old material from the class guidebooks (Defenders of the Faith,Masters of the Wild, etc.). The LGCS will not have another update until the Complete Arcane comes out this fall (projected Oct/Nov release).

Tropical Intrigue AR Update (Possible Spoiler)

The text for Terdella’s favor needs further clarification. The item that she will search out and find for you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Cost 25,000 gp or less (full market value)
  • Found in the DMG on any of the following charts:
    • Table 7-1 thru Table 7-6
    • Table 7-9 thru Table 7-15
    • Table 7-17 thru Table 7-28
  • If a weapon, armor, or shield than it may contain a single +1 or +2 enhancement from Tables 7-5, Table 7-6, Table 7-14, or Table 7-15 (as applicable to item enhanced)
  • If a scroll it may only contain a single spell
  • No cursed or intelligent items

If you have already purchased an item that does not meet the above requirements using this favor than you must correct it on your next adventure record. You may reuse the favor in this circumstance to make a legal choice.

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