Diplomacy Check03/16/2004

Failed Save vs. Bestow Confusion

At Winter Fantasy 2004 the Living Greyhawk campaign was pleased to present the premiere of COR4-3 Tropical Intrigue. Little did we know that it had failed its save vs. bestow confusion earlier that week. An errata sheet was quickly done up to correct two errors and in doing so the adventure once again failed its save and another error crept in. These errors are being fixed for the version that will be available on the RPGA ordering system but the following change effects all that played this event at Winter Fantasy.

The lesser couatl cloak had its price incorrectly listed on the adventure record and then listed incorrectly again in the errata sheet used onsite at Winter Fantasy. The correct price for this item is 22,500 gp.

If you paid the incorrect price on the adventure record (27,000 gp) then you will be refunded the difference of 4,500 gp on your next adventure record.

If you paid the incorrect price listed in the onsite errata (2,250 gp) then you must pay the additional cost (20,250 gp) in order to keep the item. If not then it is removed immediately and you are returned the 2,250 gp you paid for it.

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused but even the best items and staff members still fail their saving throws on a natural one.

Upcoming Core Schedule

February 2004 – COR4-04 Redtide by James Zwiers
Stuck on the blue waters of the Azure sea; stranded in the calms; a simple sail he said, ferrying goods from Hardby to Marner. Anything can happen on the deep blue waters of the Azure. A two-round continuous play adventure for characters levels 4-12. Written for Suel Human characters, but survivable by all.

March 2004 – COR4-05 Crystal Caverns of the Cairn Hills by Nicholas Tulach
– Outside of the Free City of Greyhawk lie the burial grounds containing the relics of a era long past. Near one of these cairns is the town Crystalhollow – a settlement of gnomes who mine for precious metals and gems of incredible value. Greed drives them deep beneath Oerth where they've uncovered something... A two-round adventure recommended for characters levels 1-8.

Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebookv. 3.0

The LGCS was designed to bring all the scattered rulings and issues that deal with the Living Greyhawk campaign into one place. It is a one stop shop for all your questions about this great campaign. To keep it current it goes through an update twice a year. These happen approximately around February and August each year. So by the time you are sitting down and reading this LGCS 3.0 should either be completed or going through its very last stages of draft-list preparation. So make sure you have the most recent version and keep on playing.

So, at this point you might be asking yourself what is ‘draft-list preparation’ ? All Living Greyhawk campaign rules and changes go through an exhaustive review period with the circle and the triads. Once this is done it heads to the lg-draft discussion list. This list gives every last single member of this campaign a chance to look at the changes and give their comments directly to the campaign staff. This help us shake out any errors that were missed and clarify any gray areas before we put the final stamp on the document. So if you want to have the most impact on the rules that might affect your character down the road make sure to sign-up to this list and let us know what you think.

Living Greyhawk Campaign Survey 2004

The Living Greyhawk campaign staff prides itself on being as accessible to the players as possible. From the LG-Draft list, where every player has an equal say, to the LG survey where you can give comments and know a circle member will read every last one of them, to talking to players one-on-one at shows, we do our best to make every last player feel like their voice is being heard and the campaign is listening.

So with January marking the start of the 4th year of the Living Greyhawk campaign, we also kicked off our 2nd annual LG survey. This survey gave the players in the campaign a chance to rate the campaign as a whole, their region, and sound off on what they liked and disliked about the campaign. With two weeks of it going up over 1,100 players logged on and gave their thoughts about the campaign. Over the next few articles we will be sharing some of the things we have found from this survey as well as some of the more interesting comments. Finally in the April edition we will announce the winners of the contest and what exciting prizes they picked.

So far the LG survey has recorded 1,105 individual surveys. The campaign has earned a rating of 7.36 out of a possible 10. One again Geoff has led all regions with the highest rating (8.88 out of a possible 10). Let’s give the triad and other helpers in the Geoff region a nice round of applause. They set the bar high for the other regions and so far nobody has managed to catch them. Coming in second was Highfolk (8.52) and in third Nyrond (8.47).

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