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A new year brings a renewed excitement about what your characters may face in the future. With that comes the need to know what changes are coming down the pike and what adventures are going to be available for you to order. In year two, we switched to a new system of tracking items, gold, and XP. With the changes we also had some growing pains. In year three, we corrected a few sticking points in that system and the Adventure Records were born. We believe they are a vastly superior system of tracking everything that you need to record with your character while remaining easy and flexible to use. Also, during the start of year three we all faced challenges with the summer release of D&D v.3.5. The circle and triads tackled this problem early and led the way for other Living campaigns to follow. The campaign officially converted to the D&D core rules v.3.5 on October 1st without a hitch. The last few years have been very tumultuous to say the least, and we hope to make year four smooth sailing in comparison. So let's get some basics out of the way.

  • There are no conversions or major changes to begin year four. That’s right. No conversion, no new paperwork, and no updating of the entire core rules set. You can start ordering year four events right out of the gate and keep playing just like you did to end year three. We past changes give us a solid base going forward so we can enjoy the game we love more and stop worrying about constant overhauls.
  • Updates to Living Greyhawk campaign material happen twice a year. These changes are found in the Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook. The incorporation of new books or material is not official until it appears in this document. Make sure you always have the current version when questions arise.
  • The circle is proud to offer exclusive events at Winter Fantasy, Gen Con Indy, and Gen Con So Ca. These events will not run anywhere else in North America, so make your plans now to attend one of these shows to partake in these unique and challenging events. Also keep your eyes on this column for announcements on others sites outside of North America that may be hosting these events.

Gen Con So Cal 2003

This year marked the first of what we hope to be many more Gen Con’s in Southern California. The Living Greyhawk campaign brought out some big guns and ran three new core events as well as the Gen Con exclusive event Return to the Ghost Tower of Inverness. The adventures were popular and the circle reigned terror down upon all from beyond their DM screens. Wise players are already bracing themselves for next year and the evil that the circle will once again rains upon them.

Winter Fantasy 2004

The premiere RPGA show moved East to its new home in New Jersey. The Living Greyhawk campaign followed right along and prepared more treacherous events for unsuspecting East Coast players. Three new cores and a Winter Fantasy exclusive event premiered at the show. We included information for these below, and you may order the cores for your local players.

COR4-01 Shedding Scales by Shawn Merwin
A knightly order dedicated to stopping a nameless evil, a mysterious sect of an ancient Suel goddess, and a diviner charged with undoing a diabolical ritual: these diverse forces struggle to end a threat in the cradle of the former Occluded Empire of the Whispered One. Is the danger confined to a backwater barony on the edge of the Rushmoors, or is something more at stake? Part one of the Windows to the Serpent’s Soul series. APLs 2-12.

COR4-02 The Stone Man’s Puzzle by Ron Lundeen
The town of Hardby was in complete disarray when you arrived. The courthouse was broken into and the accused whisked away by a giant man of stone. The tracks should be easy enough to follow—but who would want to spirit away a mere bookkeeper? APLs 6 – 10.

COR4-03 Tropical Rendezvous by Michael McKeown
In the taverns of the Free City stories have passed down over the years of a shipwrecked adventuring party that explored the Amedio Hook eighteen years ago. However, now the area is controlled by the Scarlet Sign. Your patron wants to know more. She asks for volunteers for a journey across the Azure Sea. Not another sea voyage! APLs 2-12

CORS4-01 Sea of Dust by the Circle
'Time is the fire in which we burn' – Those words echo in your head as your stare across the endless sea of dust before you. The mighty Suel empire, once feared by all, once stood here. Now the fire that burns has washed it clean and time has buried and forgotten it. Sometimes things best left forgotten do not remain so and things thought long dead and swept away in the fires of time return. The shifting winds and dust has revealed a ruined city deep in the Sea of Dust. It's time to grab some shovels and see what lurks beneath the dust. A core special adventure for APLs 2-16. This adventure is only available at Winter Fantasy 2004.

Lost are we?

In COR2-08 Echo the players might have had the misfortune of being lost and picking up some rather annoying companions making it very difficult to keep friends and accumulate favors. Well, as of December 31st, 2003, your little friends have grown bored with following you all around the world. They have wandered off to find somebody more interesting to bug. You may cross the lost entry off your adventure record (Cert) and you no longer suffer any drawbacks or benefits from it.

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