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More powerful than the sword and packing a bigger wallop than the maximized fireball you are holding in reserve, a pen should be handled with care. Too help you manage the power in your hands, the 2007 guidelines for writing core adventures are now available. The following three documents are now included in the Campaign Documents section of the Living Greyhawk welcome page.

  • Writing a Core Adventure
  • Core Adventure Template
  • New Stat Block Format

The Writing a Core Adventure document codifies the process of writing a core adventure for Living Greyhawk. In places where it contradicts the Living Greyhawk Writer's Guide the core document takes precedence for core adventures. Several design premises underpin the document: adventures should be easy and fun to write, error free, quick to prepare, and enjoyable to run and play.

The template and stat block documents give you practical tools to simplify the writing process. With the template most of the standard adventure text is in place. After making a few quick updates to the standard text, you can jump right to the meat and bones of writing the story and encounters.

In 2007, Living Greyhawk core adventures are making the leap to the new stat block format introduced in Dungeon Master’s Guide II and appearing in Monster Manual IV. The stat block document helps you adjust to the new format in your adventure, and it provides a number of common examples you can grab to use as is or quickly customize. While not specific to the Living Greyhawk campaign, anyone interested in the evolution of the stat block should check out the article Stat Blocks: Format and Function by James Wyatt.

2007 promises to be another exciting year in the campaign as Greyhawk Ruins takes GMs and players to the Free City itself and the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk. Peril waits below. Visit Greyhawk Ruins for a quick over view and look forward to more campaign information coming to you in the near future.

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