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More Play Opportunities on the Horizon
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For the first time since 2003, the entire circle had a chance to meet face-to-face at Winter Fantasy this year, and it proved fruitful. One thing that we recognized was that while there are plenty of play opportunities available, there’s always room for a few more, especially when the hard part (the adventure writing) has already been finished.

Thus, we’ve conspired to bring back an adventure code from the beginnings of the campaign – the “ADP” series! Unlike the days of yore in Year 1 and early Year 2, the code doesn’t stand for “adaptable;” it now stands for “adapted”. In the next few weeks, you’ll find some more downloads available for home play that are 100% legal for Living Greyhawk, and even come with their own adventure record! The Fantastic Locations series of adventures (currently Fane of the Drow and Hellspike Prison, and soon Fields of Ruin) are being adapted for play. In addition, you can expect the super-adventure The Red Hand of Doom to also become available in the near future. As more adventures are released, they will be considered for adaptation for Living Greyhawk play.

How does this work? Well, it’s actually quite simple. An adventure supplement, which is a relatively short document, will be available for each adapted adventure when you order the adventure as part of a home play event. Inside each supplement, you’ll find experience and treasure breakdowns, introductory text, and modifications to help the DM run it as a sanctioned Living Greyhawk adventure. All you need is this adventure supplement, a copy of the adventure itself (which you can pick up right off the shelves of your favorite game or hobby store), a DM, and 4-6 appropriately leveled Living Greyhawk PCs (and their players, of course), and you’re all set! The first two adventures, ADP6-01 Fane of the Drow and ADP6-02 Hellspike Prison are just around the corner; ADP6-03 The Red Hand of Doom and ADP6-04 Fields of Ruin will follow soon thereafter.

Please note that these adventures are considered core adventures, so they’re playable by anyone, anywhere! In addition, these adventures cost a larger sum of time units to play – since they offer quite a bit of treasure and experience rewards. The adventures will also take more than one night’s worth of gaming, so be prepared for an all-day adventure or break the adventure up into multiple sessions. The Red Hand of Doom, a super-adventure, will be released in parts corresponding to the chapters in the adventure (each part will have its own adventure record and time unit cost). You could spend half a year’s worth of time units playing that alone, so we’re going to break it up to keep it more manageable with your other Living Greyhawk play. Fantastic Locations adventures should be playable in about 6-12 hours, depending on the adventure.

So set aside some time units this year, find a group, and expand your play in new ways!

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