Campaign News04/04/2006

LGCS 596 CY Available Now
Campaign News

The Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook (LGCS) has been updated for this year, and those that had downloaded the previous version (called 5.0) should know that many errors that occurred as a result of the document’s conversion to its “newer” look (a formatting change that produced a slicker look last year) have been corrected. While this isn’t the document final form, it is serviceable until the document can be reconverted. Download your copy from the Living Greyhawk welcome page.

In addition to the fixes, we’ve renamed the LGCS with the campaign year, instead of using a version number. Many players, especially newer ones, were confused as to what version was the most recent, and with the addition of the campaign year, we feel that it will go a long way in clearing things up.

This version of the LGCS contains all rules updates and important frequently asked questions from Dispel Confusion Volume 1/1 through Volume 2/2. Throughout the remainder of the year, the Dispel Confusion series of articles will continue to provide campaign rules updates and answers to frequently asked questions. All of the pertinent material is official once posted on this website, but it will be added to the next LGCS.

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