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Bright Lands Region
Blight On Bright Sands

Sandstorm accessory.

A new home region is available to characters for the Living Greyhawk campaign, the Bright Lands. While Living Greyhawk has many other regions and campaign arcs. This one is a little bit different. By starting a new, 1st-level character to play within the Bright Sands campaign arc, new and different play options are open to you as a character from the Bright lands as described in the Blight on Bright Sands Sourcebook. Many of these options are drawn from the Sandstorm: Mastering the Perils of Fire and Sand D&D accessory.

If you don't want to create a new character, don't worry; much of the campaign arc is still open to you. Only the arc's first adventure, COR5-06 Blood on Bright Sands, is for new characters exclusively. Keep in mind, this campaign was specifically designed to open new and exciting gaming options for new character, and you will find muc of its story more engaging and evocative if played with a new character feared toward the story.

Many exotic peoples inhabit this corner of the Flanaess, and allowing players access to these desert races is an exciting feature of the Bright Lands region. In addition to the standard campaign races you can choose from among the asheratis, scabland half-orc, and bandland dwarf. A fourth option, desert centaur, was made available to D&D Rewards members as a Polyhedron exclusive.

There's a lot more waiting for you in the Bright Lands: variant classes, new skills, feats, spells, domains, prestige class, equipment, and adventure! Be sure to grab your copy of the Blight on Bright Sands Sourcebook form the Living Greyhawk welcome page and head to the desert. There's a traitor out there waiting for justice.

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