Campaign News08/02/2005

Regional/Metaregional Adventures
Downloads Updated

Regional and metaregional adventures have been added to the following regions:

Regional and metaregional adventures are not available for ordering outside the real-world areas to which they are assigned. These adventures are locked PDF files (version 5.0) and require a password to open. Once you've created your place holder using the Request Scenarios and set up a RPGA event option from the RPGA Members Hall, downloaded the adventure and contact the appropriate triad with the following information to obtain the adventures password:

  • Your Name
  • Event Name
  • Event Code
  • Event Date (Password files will not be provided more then 30 days in advance)
  • Adventure Title

Once the triad verifies this information, they will provide you with the passwords as well as the adventure records. For more information about these adventures visit the Regional/Metaregional Adventures special ordering instructions.

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