Adventure Updates11/20/2007

Regional Adventure Updates

New adventures are on the horizon. The following adventures are now available for download from their related regional adventue pages: Nyrond, County of Urnst, and Duchy of Urnst.

NYR7-07 In Faith for Entrell – Calinnes se Entrell by Rene Ayala
An old man sits in his darkened study contemplating his options. The stillness earns him some serenity in spite of the voices from the hall. A light rap precedes a flood of light as the page opens the door. “Master? He has arrived.” A grey elf wearing robes enters. With a slight gesture he touches a spent candlewick, illuminating the room with magical light. “Did you come to the same conclusion, archmage?” the elf questions. “Yes,” is the man’s distracted reply. The elf nods then turns to leave. “My apologies,” old man pursues. “I hope we understand each other, Melf?” Melf does not turn to face him. “Yes, Ghiselinn. We must break the seal, and I must tell a friend more of his people will die.” A one-round regional adventure set in the Underdark beneath the Kingdom of Nyrond for characters level 1-13 (APLs 2-10).

NYR7-08 Tinderbox by Jason Clark
The familiar peal of wedding bells disturbs butterflies at rest amid the sunflowers surrounding the city of Midmeadow, but the sound soon fades and the insects relax. Other creatures are not so easily quelled. Nearly one year after adventurers thwarted two violent attacks on the city, residents seem to have settled back into an oblivious tranquility, and the industry of the Midmeadow Commune is interrupted only by the lines of people around the Traders’ Bazaar, searching for gifts for the happy groom and bride. What does one get for the couple that appears to have everything? This one-round Nyrond regional adventure is part two of the Transformations series (begun in NYR6-06 The Uninvited Guests) and is recommended for resilient yet humble PCs of levels 1-15 (APLs 2-16) who know a bargain when they see one. “The notion of structure is made up of three key ideas: the idea of wholeness, the idea of transformation, and the idea of self-regulation”--Jean Piaget

URC7-09 Blood on the Bayou by JP Chapleau with Chris Palmberg
An evil army is amassing in the Fennelmore Swamp; forces of evil are on the move. Adventurers have found information about dark things in the swamp and experienced adventurers are needed to find out more. Part two of the War in the Swamp series. Having played part one with the same character is not necessary. This adventure is a lead-in to the Brookfest 2007 battle interactive. A one round combat intensive regional adventure set in the Archbarony of Fennelmore in the County of Urnst for characters level 4-15 (APLs 6-14).

URD7-06 Justice by D.R. Briskman
When Duchy politics leads to an unjustified and unprovoked assault the blood of the Wolfhearts cries out for justice. But who has the right to judge? And who has the right to punish? A journey into the world of unintended consequences in a one-round regional adventure set in Duchy of Urnst for characters level 1 - 11 (APLs 2-8).

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