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Regional Adventure Updates

New adventures are on the horizon. The following adventures are now available for download from their related regional adventue pages: Ahlissa (Adri), Ahlissa (Naerie), County of Urnst, Dullstrand, Nyrond, Onnwal, Pale, Splintered Suns, and Sunndi.

AHL7-01 Wild wuchernder Adri by Martin Mathes
Es ist später Herbst in Herbergsbad, die ganze Bevölkerung bereitet sich auf die kältere Jahreszeit vor. Nach den Wirren des letzten Jahres soll endlich wieder Ruhe einkehren in der Stadt. Eine angekündigte Gartenbauausstellung zum Frühlingsbeginn des kommenden Jahres sorgt für Aufruhr im Zirkel der Organisation des „Grünen Daumens von Herbergsbad“. Ein Abenteuer nicht nur für Druiden und Waldläufer.
Für Charaktere der Stufen 1-11 (Durchschnittliche Gruppenstufe (DGS) 2-8).
Das Abenteuer ist NICHT für Kentauren geeignet.

DUL7-01/SND7-03 The Sea Devils by Pierre van Rooden
Raids from the sea plague the coastal towns, when sahuagin seek control of the coastal waters. For the Masters of Dullstrand, a safe haven is of prime importance. To secure the seafaring trade, sacrifices have to be made. But are the devils of the deep really interested to talk? A one-round regional adventure set in the Dullstrand for characters level 5-14 (APLs 6-12).
Note: The Dullstrand and Sunndi version are exactly the same. Only one can be played.

DUL7-02/SND7-04 A New Threat by Dan Hass
With all Sunndi’s attention focused on the Wastrian war in the south, invaders from the north have exploited an opportunity. A one-round Sunndi region adventure set in County of Ralsond and Hestmark Highlands for characters level 1-15 (APLs 2-12). Tied together with DUL7-01/SND7-03 Sea Devils.
Note: The Dullstrand and Sunndi version are exactly the same. Only one can be played per player.

ESA7-02 No Parley in the Pirates’ Code by Colleen Simpson
Medegia is a land torn by strife, ruled by small time landlords, forever warring over every piece of land. Even its coasts are unsafe. In the See of Medegia, you’ll discover that there’s no such thing as a “Pirates’ Code”. A one-round Splintered Suns metaregion adventure set in the See of Medegia for characters level 1-4. (APL 2)

NAE7-01 Like Love Impatient by Steven Zwanger
Catching a dangerous outlaw is simple; any adventurer can do it. But arranging a marriage? Not so simple! A one-round regional adventure set in the Principality of Naerie for characters level 1-13 (APLs 2-10).

NYR7-05 A Pirate's Trail by Tom Kee
The trail of Captain Yenavast has been cold for quite some time, but some new help just might warm it up once again. That is, if this new help is truly a help after all. Set sail on the high seas of Relmor Bay once again as you search for more clues in a series of brutal killings. A one-round regional adventure set in the Kingdom of Nyrond for characters level 2-10 (APLs 2-8).

NYR7-06 The Forgotten Temple of Shumhanrhu by Bryan Bagnas
In the wild marshland of the Gnatmarsh, dark places become lost, decayed, and forgotten. For resolute treasure hunters and mystery seekers, it's a nagging call and a ripe lure. One such seeker, Kelwyn, now has mysterious keys that fit a lost door, as well as a map to that door. The rute leads to a long-forgotten temple ruin in the depths of the Gnatmarsh. Legends say only a fool would use the keys to open that dark door. Kelwyn is looking for such fools. Part three of the Kelwyn series (part one is NYR6-04 Kelwyn's Keys, and part two is NYR7-03 Requiem to Maglubiyet) A one-round regional adventure set in the Kingdom of Nyrond for characters level 1-10 (APLs 2-8).

ONW7-03 Bottom of the Truth by Thomas Ian Smith
As the people of war-torn Onnwal begin the process of recovery, Milos Feralen, a merchant of Sornhill looks to his family business. He has lost contact with the family owned mine, and more importantly several shipments of valuable ore. Will you help him get to the bottom of this problem? A one-round Onnwal regional adventure set in the Headlands for characters level 1-13 (APLs 2-10).
Metaorganizational Focus: Feralen Family, Church of Zilchus, Fellowship of the Coin Characters with draconic heritage play at their own risk.

PAL7-03 Wyrm Sign by Matthew Thompson
Sassy, the great Green of the Gamboge, has been quiet for some time now. However, something has been stirring recently. Something big, something mean, and something hungry has started attacking small farms outside of the woodsedge, near the Gamboge Forest. An adventure for fearless hunters ready to look into the face of death and its many sharp, pointy teeth. This adventure also shares some elements from the Heritage Series. A two-round Pale regional adventure set outside Woodsedge for characters level 4-14 (APLs 6-12).

PAL7-04 The Spirit of the Law by Tom Maguire
A group of diplomatic emissaries from Veluna have gone missing while exiting the Pale. Fearing that the foreigners may have caused trouble (or be in trouble), the Pale Diplomatic Corp has decided to retain some adventurers to find them. A roleplaying and investigative adventure set in the Theocracy of the Pale for characters level 1-15 (APLs2-12) that know how to deal with Palish Law.

SND7-02 Obvious Suspect by Pieter Sleijpen
As in every war, food is in short supply for the common men and when hunger threatens, trouble is afoot. So what to do when strange sounds are heard coming from a warehouse with its guards missing? Sequel of SND6-02M Angel’s Share. A one-round Sunndi regional adventure set in the town of Pitchfield for characters level 1-12 (APLs 2-10).

URC7-05 Through the Gloaming by D'Anne Rooney
Rumors abound concerning a “Black Man” who lives in the Fennelmore Swamp. Some say he has been organizing bandits and monsters; others say he is a forgotten god raised from the swamp; and still others say he came to the County through the Tovags. Whatever the case, he has stricken fear in the heart of the merchants of Stone Battle, and few now dare the trip across the Floating Road. Part one of the Dusk Falls on the County Series. A one-round County of Urnst adventure set in the Archbarony of Fennelmore for characters of levels 1-14 (APLs 2-12).

URC7-06 Suffer the Children by Mike Dethlefs
A mysterious plague holds the fate of two towns in the balance. The call has gone out for help, but will it be in time? This adventure is not recommended for Asherati characters. Part one of the Legacy of the Leviathan series. A one-round County of Urnst adventure set in the Archbarony of Dyvarna for characters levels 1-15 (APLs 2-12). This adventure includes an additional, optional encounter for APLs 8-12 only.

URC7-07 Where the Sun Don't Shine by Van Butler with JP Chapleau
It is an enjoyable day in Applebee. The food is great and made by one of the County's best-known chefs. The mead is sweet. Adventure can wait for one more day, while you revel in the local delights. That was your plan, until the door opened and three halflings entered the inn. A regional adventure set in the Archbarony of Markham for characters level 1-15 (APLs 2-12). Part two of the Small Problems series. Centaurs would be hard-pressed in this adventure. This adventure makes use of the Dungeon Tiles by Wizards of the Coast (Set One - with a tile from Set Two). While the tiles enhance play, they are not needed to run this adventure.

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