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Red Hand of Doom FAQ
Living Greyhawk Adapted Adventure

The Red Hand of Doom adapted adventure is a standard multi-round, five-part adapted adventure, set in the March of Sterich. Before you can start playing you need to get a copy of the Red Hand of Doom adventure. The adapted adventure pack gives you information to convert that published adventure for Living Greyhawk play, but does not give you enough information to actually run the game. To get the most out of the adventure, you need copies of the following D&D books: Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, and Monster Manual. The Red Hand of Doom adapted adventure for Living Greyhawk can only be sanctioned for home games and retail events and is available through the regular RPGA adventure ordering system. Get more information about the Red Hand of Doom adapted adventure.

Q. Can I make the giant owl, which you gain access to during the adventure, my paladin’s special mount? How about a special cohort?

A. During the adventure, no. If you complete the adventure and successfully gain the giant owl permanently, as per the text on the adventure record, then yes, you can take the giant owl as your paladin’s special mount (as per the unusual mounts rules in the Dungeon Master’s Guide) or as your PC’s special cohort (as per the special cohort rules in the Dungeon Master’s Guide, advances by HD only, ECL of 6th). The alignment of the giant owl can be LG, NG, CG, or N. If you take it as your paladin’s special mount, the rules for paladin’s mounts (instead of mounts) applies in terms of using it at the table; likewise, if you take it as your special cohort, the cohort rules apply (instead of the mount rules).

Q. I have a player who is going to participate in a regional playtest. The problem is, not long before the game premieres, he is going to start playing Red Hand of Doom, and he is planning to use the 2008 borrow option. As I understand that option, you can’t play other adventures in the middle of the playing of Red Hand of Doom. Can my player participate in the playtest, even though he will receive the adventure record during the play of Red Hand of Doom?

A. Yes. The adventure is officially played at the time of the playtest. It is just the rewards that are effective at the time of the adventure’s release. This does not violate the 2008 borrow option rules.

Q. Can I play other adventures in between the parts of Red Hand of Doom?

A. If you are using the 2008 borrow option rules, no. Otherwise, yes you can (although we recommend against it for the sake of story continuity). In either case, you can use other options (besides playing adventures) which cost Time Units during the play of Red Hand of Doom (such as metaorganization costs, retraining, magic item creation, etc.); this is one of the reasons we included the 2008 borrow option rules.

Q. In what ways is Red Hand of Doom considered a core adventure?

A. You should treat Red Hand of Doom as a core adventure for the purposes of crafting items, buying items to which you have core access, resolving curses and other effects, and bringing along a cohort.

Q. Does each part of Red Hand of Doom count as a single adventure or are all five Parts considered just one single adventure?

A. You should count each part of Red Hand of Doom as a single adventure for the purposes of rules and effects that are determined by numbers of adventures. Furthermore, each adventure record for the individual Parts of Red Hand of Doom should be counted in the same manner.

Q. There are NPCs in Red Hand of Doom that have closed prestige classes. How is this possible?

A. First, Closed rules items designate that PCs can not use them, not that NPCs cannot. Second, we tried to stay as true to the original with regards to Red Hand of Doom so we did not make changes to rules items like prestige classes even if they were closed with regards to Living Greyhawk.

Q. The adventure record for part four lists a reward where you can choose three of the following from a list with four categories and several choices under each category. Do I select three categories (getting all the choices under them) or three choices?

A. You select three choices only. The categories are there merely to organize the list of choices from which you select 3.

Q. For the Favor of Lord Jarmaath, do I need to select all of the items to list at one time, or can I continue to list items here until I reach the 20,000 gp limit?

A. You need to select all of the items at the same time. When you receive the adventure record with that favor, you should think about what items you want to list. By the end of the entire adventure of Red Hand of Doom, you should fill in the blanks for this favor with all of your selections. The frequency of any items listed in these blanks is Any so you are not limited to buying one of these items nor are you prohibited from going back and buying another one of these items later.

Q. Are you still collecting results from the adventure (the deadline in the adventure says 12/31/2006)?

A. No, we are not still collecting results. We’re proud to announce that the official result for the campaign is TOTAL VICTORY! Nearly all tables reported had 70 or more Victory Points, and all of them had at least 60 Victory Points. Since the official result determines the value of certain adventure record rewards, we had to wait to determine this official result before posting the details of these rewards (see below).

Q. My PC received the Deed to Vraath Keep. Can I have more information on the deed and any benefits of possessing it?

A. See the downloadable record for Vraath Keep below.

Q. My PC received the Thanks of the March of Sterich. Can I have more information on the benefits of this?

Thanks of Sterich AR Downloads
Mittleberg Residence
Mittleberg Structure
Sterich Baronetcy Residence
Sterich Border Tower
Vraath Keep

A. The permits provided by this reward are detailed in the AR downloads available from the side bar on the right. Each higher victory point total grants the permit listed and those for lower victory point totals. The titles provided by this reward currently provide the bearer with a circumstance bonus to Charisma-based checks as detailed below. Additional benefits for titles may become available in the future.

Victory Points Title Benefit Permit
less than 40 None None Mittleberg Residence
40 to 59 Lord or Lady of Mittleberg +1 (+2 in Mittleberg) Mittleberg Structure
60 to 69 Knight of Sterich +1 (+2 in Sterich) Sterich Border Tower
70 or more Baronet or Baronetess of Sterich +2 (+3 in Sterich) Sterich Baronetcy Residence
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