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2007 Core Update
Adventure Updates

Toward the end of 2006, I updated you all on the core release schedule for 2007. The sad demise of Gen Con So Cal, however, has necessitated some changes to the adventure schedule. Now that these changes are confirmed, it is time to make them public so that convention organisers can better plan their events. Thus, here is the 2007 release schedule for core adventures:

January: COR7-01 Wrath of the Tomb of Horrors (Pierre van Rooden, APLs 10-16)

February: D&D Experience premier: COR7-03 Second Chances (Christian Alipounarian, APLs 2-8), COR7-04 Freak of Nature (Eric Menge, APLs 2-8), COR7-05 City of Malice (Tim Sech, APLs 2-12), CORS7-01 City of Brass (Pieter Sleijpen and Pierre van Rooden, APLs 2-16)

March: COR7-02 Bitter Fruit (Theron Martin, APLs 10-16)

April: COR7-06 Drowning by Numbers (Luke Pitcher, APLs 10-16)

May: COR7-07 Storm Harvest (Maya Deva Kniese, APLs 6-16), COR7-08 Sins of the Father (Jean-Philipe Chapleau, APLs 2-8)

June: COR7-09 (APLs2-8)

July: CORS7-02 (APLs 2-16), COR7-10 (APLs2-12), COR7-11 (APLs 2-8)

August: Gen Con Indy premier: COR7-12 (APLs 2-8), COR7-13 (APLs 2-8), COR7-14 (APLs 2-12), CORS7-03 (APLs 2-16)

September: COR7-15 (APLs10-16)

October: COR7-16 (APLs 10-16), COR7-17 (APLs 2-8)

November: COR7-18 (APLs 2-8), COR7-19 (APLs 2-12)

December: COR7-20 (APLs 10-16)

Greyhawk Ruins

The information presented below supersedes all previous announcements made about this core adventure arc. The main change in regards to this adventure arc is that the release schedule has been slightly pushed back to coincide with the actual release date of Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk. Thus, the schedule is now:

  • Adventure 1 (APL 2): Gen Con Indy 2007
  • Adventure 2 (APL 2-4): DDXP 2008
  • Adventure 3 (APL 2-6): June 2008
  • Adventure 4 (APL 2-8): Gen Con Indy 2008

I have also received many questions over email about Greyhawk Ruins. Note, that the answers below show the current thinking regards new rule items, character creation, and other aspects of the adventure arc. Some or all of these could change before the first adventure premiers.

Q: Will we be allowed to use the regional feats for Greyhawk presented in Dragon 315 and 319?

Yes, the feats Expert Dungeoneer, Fiendsign, Greyhawk Method, Mercantile Background, Rhennlore, Well Read, and Zagyg’s Favor can be chosen by characters with the Domain of Greyhawk as their home region.

Q: What other new rules items will be available for characters participating in Greyhawk Ruins?

Obviously, this arc will utilise Dungeonscape pretty heavily, but at the time of writing the Greyhawk Ruins writing team have not been able to fully review that book. Additionally, characters adventuring in the Free City will be able to join one (or more) affiliations active in the city using the rules presented in the Player’s Handbook II. Planned affiliations include the Guild of Wizardry, the Merchants’ and Traders’ Union, the Mercenaries’ Guild, the Cartographers’ Guild, the Thieves’ Guild, the Nightwatchmen, and many of the established churches of the city.

Q: Why is the arc only open to new characters?

Starting a new character with the Domain of Greyhawk as home region allows the player to better immerse himself in the rich setting that is Greyhawk City and enables the authors to deliver a challenging but enjoyable set of adventures. Because Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk is designed for characters level 8-13 we have designed the four adventures in the Greyhawk Ruins arc to raise a starting character to around 5th-level. Additionally, in 2007 there is another 10 (or so) core adventures premier set in either the Domain of Greyhawk or the Orcish Empire of the Pomarj. A similar number of low-level Domain of Greyhawk adventures will premier in 2008, which should get your character (barring unfortunate incidents) to 8th-level.

Q: What happens if my character dies? Can I play subsequent parts of the series?

Yes, you can play subsequent parts of the series if your first character dies. Simply make a new character but include your previous character’s AR for the first Greyhawk Ruins adventure as the first AR in your new character’s stack.

Q: Do I have to play the same character in all the Greyhawk Ruins adventures or can I use different ones?

You can use different characters in different Greyhawk Ruins adventures if you want. However, they must all be 1st-level when they first enter the ruins.

Q: Can the Greyhawk Ruins adventures be played online?


Q: When will the Greyhawk Ruins Sourcebook be available?

The current plan is to make the Greyhawk Ruins Sourcebook available in early June 2007. If time allows, there will be a short period of player review.

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