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Regional Adventure Updates

New adventures are on the horizon. The following adventures are now available for download from their related regional adventue pages: County of Urnst, Duchy of Urnst, Nyrond, Nyrond and Her Environs, and Ratik. The regional descriptions have also been updated for Perrenland, Shield Lands, and County of Urnst.

NYR6-01 Quality of Mercy by Andrew E. Harasty
The civil war in Nyrond is over and it is time for the country to heal and rebuild herself, but resources are scarce. The Church of Pelor in Nyrond has stepped up its relief efforts by calling on many of its churches across the Flanaess. Those that are interested in volunteering to serve Nyrond and the Church of Pelor are asked to head to Hendrenn Halgood. A mission of goodwill and compassion for APLs 2-6 (levels 1-8).

NYR6-02 A Trip to the Glacier by J. Eddy Roberts and James Shaw
The Wizards' Guild of Nyrond is seeking hearty and bold adventurers to gather rare and valuable spell components. Will you dare the deep snows, high altitude, and biting cold to earn the gratitude of the guild? A chilling journey to the highest glaciers of the Rakers using rules from the Frostburn accessory. An outdoors based adventure for heroic characters at APLs 2-8 (levels 1-10).

NYR6-03 A Heartland Homecoming by John D. Jenks
War is a terrible thing. As any of the Patrons of the Arcane Wanderer can tell you, it shatters families, ruins lives, and leaves only devastation behind. But sometimes, just sometimes, those who left for war manage to come home. Vivena Torer's husband was long thought lost during the fighting at Rel Mord. But today, he and his squad mates have returned to Heartland. A roleplaying intensive, one-round regional adventure set in the Kingdom of Nyrond for character levels 1-10 (APLs 2-8). Part three of the Hearltand saga.

NYR6-04 Kelwyn's Keys by Bryan Bagnas
Border tensions along the Franz River between the County of Urnst and the Kingdom of Nyrond may be stoked into conflict by roving bandits and unorganized thieves. Guild protected caravans are being waylaid and local commoners are kidnapped. Who is behind these events? More importantly, who will stop them? A one-round regional adventure set in Nyrond for characters level 1-8 (APLs 2-6).

NYR6-05 Death of a Sailor by Tom Kee
A sailor's body washed up on shore. A priest of Pelor murdered. A ghostly ship sighted on Relmor Bay. From Nessermouth to Oldred and out to sea, the trail of clues seems to never end. Is this a simple murder or a plot so deep it threatens even the security of the Kingdom? A one-round regional adventure set in Nyrond for characters level 1-7 (APLs 2-6). Part two of the Relmor Bay series.

NYR6-06 The Uninvited Guests by Jason Clark and George Rowland IV
The city of Midmeadow has existed in relative obscurity since the disastrous events of three years past, but recent rumors hint that it is slowly becoming a notable trading hub, luring merchants and travelers from far and wide, and suggesting that the city has the potential to recover from its turbulent history. There are those, however, who view stability and the presence of the outsiders as a hindrance to progress and evolution, and who further believe that to nurture true growth one must be willing to accept a certain degree of volatility and sacrifice. This one-round regional adventure is part one of the Transformations series and is recommended for prudent characters levels 1-15 (APL 2-16) who know when to speak and when to forever hold their peace.

NYR6-07 The Rent is Due
On a dark and stormy night in Wragby, on the deathbed of a famed priestess of Istus, an awful prophecy is heard. Deep in a chasm in the Anodan Hills the fate of all Oerth will be determined. A one-round regional adventure set in the Kingdom of Nyrond for characters level 1-14 (APLs 2-12).
Sequel to NYR5-S01 A Tale to Tell in Taverns and NYR5-M01 Of Strife, Solace, and Flame.

NYR6-09 The House of Entrell by Rene Ayala
Fragments of the Solist ili Narath retell of the defeat of an ancient adversary. Discovered runes and the appearance of the Sign of the Jackal signify a mounting storm. It appears the Firanalyth will return with vengeance in their hearts. Knowledge from the complete scrolls must be consulted to uncover the answers Entrell seeks. The Sagacious Society and Entrell Militia have pledged their assistance. A one-round regional adventure set in the Kingdom of Nyrond for characters level 1-10 (APLs 2-8). Recommended for elf-friendly characters.

NYR7-01 Faith and Conviction/Birds of the Old Faith
Several large swans were found in Rel Mord following the liberation in 595. Having spent the last year and a half in the Oldred Menagerie, the Nyrond Wilderness Alliance seeks to return them to Swan Bore. Members of the Wizards Guild are in town as well. A secretive lot, aren’t they? Recommended for characters who love animals and have played earlier adventures in the Swan Bore series. Only the bravest arcanists will enjoy the journey. This adventure is not recommended for characters who despise spellcasters. A one-round regional adventure set in the Kingdom of Nyrond for character levels 2-11 (APL2-8).
Part three of the Swan Bore series. Part one was NYR5-S02 Swans of the Duntide. Part two was NYR5-M02 Releash the Dogs of War.

NMR6-01 The Blighted Star
The Celadon Forest has its share of ruins and mysterious places, but none as strange as the star-shaped castle ruins named Star Haunt. The doom that fell the original inhabitants is as unknown as the magic and treasures the castle ruins may hold. You have tracked the cause of the blight to this location and you are certain that they are in the ruins somewhere. Celadon folk give this mysterious place a wide berth, but will you? The “shooting stars” that rain down on it from time to time are the least of the hazards here. A two-round adventure for APL 6-16, part six of the Blight series.

NMR6-02 Mad Baron of Pikemaster
Baron Fennin Duncombe has long been known to be strange, but his recent behaviour has rumor label him outright insane. He has called to him a number of priests of Pholtus to “show him the light.” He houses one of former Prince Sewarndt of Nyrond’s supporters in his house. To top it all off, he invited a number of nobles to his estate to discuss “issues of importance.” Finally, he has offered a great bounty to anyone who can find him a local woman. An explosive situation to say the least… A one-round metaregional adventure set in the County of Urnst for characters level 1-15 not afraid of dabbling in the game of houses. (APLs 2-16).

NMR6-05 Gift of the Tempest
Taking shelter from a storm in the village of Haudver, the PCs wake to find that more than seaweed is being washed shore by the tide… A one-round metaregional adventure set in Ratik for character levels 1-13 (APLs 2-10). Part one of Terrors of the Deep. Not for those with a dislike of the ocean.

RTK7-02 The Slaughtered Unicorn
On a visit to Harrins Glen, renowned for producing some of the best ale, whisky and wine for the area, you find a most unusual site. What is it and can you solve the problem for the people of Harrins Glen? A one-round regional adventure set near Loegrimm of Ratik, for characters level 1-11 (APLs 2-8).

URC7-01 The Mare of Applebee
The peaceful village of Applebee has changed very little over the years, despite the radical changes that swept the County these last few years. And that’s just the way the local halflings like it. However the peace and tranquility has been disturbed. Is this a sign from Yondalla herself? It is up to you to bring back peace to this community. Part one of the Small Problems series. A regional adventure set in the County of Urnst for characters level 1-15 (APLs 2-12) but is recommended for APLs 2-8.

URC7-02 Chasing the Darkness
For years, darkness spread across the land infiltrating noble families and other organizations they came. The time of House Rilyn’Virr nears its end. The choice is now yours: let a package go by helping the Guild and make a profit from it, or stop it and perhaps die. Either way, you'll be chasing the darkness.
This is the final installment of the Chasing the Darkness series (part one URC5-04 That Which Lurks, part two URC6-06 Enemy of My Enemy). A one-round adventure set in the County of Urnst for PCs level 4-15 (APLs 6-14).

URD7-01 In the Face
The fortunes of the Veldeen Rhennee are slipping once more. Do the ancient stones of the elves have a purpose other than a chip in the game of houses? Of interest to Rhennee, Rogues of Seltaren, and Ducal Loyalists. This adventure is a continuation of URD1-09 On the Rocks, URD5-04 With a Twist, and ties in to other events in the Duchy. A one-round regional adventure set in the Duchy of Urnst for characters level 4-15 (APLs 6-12).

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