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Regional Adventure Updates

New adventures are on the horizon. The following adventures are now available for download from their related regional adventue pages: Bissel, Ekbir, Splintered Suns, and Zeif.

BIS6-01 Splitting Heirs by Chris Babcock and Jay Babcock
It is the dawn of a new era for the March of Bissel. With new beginnings comes a new opportunity to rule… and several powerful individuals would kill for the chance. The question is: who did kill for it? A Bissel regional adventure for APLs 2-12, and part one of the Rebuilding the March series.

BIS6-02 Seeking Refuge by Christopher Ravlin and Jay Babcock
Evard has been vanquished and the ancient capital of Bissel is once again under control of the March. But these grand things mean very little to the common folk. The dispossessed, the disenfranchised, and those just tired of seeing their lives in ruin seek something - anything to make their lives whole once again. They seek refuge. A Bissel regional adventure for APLs 2-12, and part two of the Rebuilding the March series.

BIS6-03 Back Taxes by Don Walker and Jay Babcock
A clerk at the Department of Tax Collection has discovered that the makers of Barrier Brew haven’t paid their taxes in years. During the Ketite occupation records were misplaced and this oversight is just now coming to light. How will the Medigkin clan react to this news? How will you fair as a tax collector? A Bissel regional adventure for APLs 2-12, and part three of the Rebuilding the March series.

BIS6-04 Face of Copper by Cameron Logan
“Out of the shadows come the flash of blades and howls plaintive for mercy. Hope like a robber steals into the hearts of some and shuns the ramparts. Let us reflect back on the tragedies of past times with new fervor. Without doing so would be detrimental to the task before us.” A Bissel regional adventure for APLs 2-12, and part one of the Shadows and Sigils series.
Note: This adventure will be of particular interest to characters that played BIS6-02 Seeking Refuge or are members of the Church of Fharlanghn, the Church of Geshtai, the Church of Rao, the Church of Zilchus, the Order of the Serene Thought, the Way of the Root, or the Thieves’ Guild of Dountham.

BIS6-05 The Unauthorized Biography of Lady Constance Lendel by Jay Babcock
As her husband lay expiring, Lady Constance was already plotting her way to the top. Now that she has been named Baroness of Kynneret, her first move has been to silence her detractors. But not everyone has gone down without a fight. Are you a patriot, or a revolutionary? A Bissel regional adventure for APLs 2-16, and part four of the Rebuilding the March series.

BIS6-06 Opportunity NOCs by Jay Babcock and Becky Slitt
“The mission is simple,” he said. “Travel through hostile, uncharted lands… to a place that few men have ever seen… break into a secure fortress… sneak past the Sheldomar’s most skilled rogues… and steal something that might not even be there.” His featureless grey face leaned closer, and his yellow eyes met yours. “…all for Bissel. What do you say?” A Bissel regional adventure for APLs 2-12, part six of the Rebuilding the March series, and sequel to BIS5-IS1 Lizards in the Mist.

BIS6-07 Grace Under by Fire Matthew Maranda
Rumors abound of bonfires in Bandalar. They are reported to be villages put to the torch. But are these rumors true? The refugees seeking aid claim it so. If these rumors can be substantiated, then who or what is behind them? And how can they be stopped? A Bissel regional adventure for APLs 2-12 and part six of the Rebuilding the March series.
Note: This adventure will be of particular interest to members of the Church of Heironeous, Knights of the Watch and arcane casters.

EKB6-06 Infestation by David Martinez
En temps de guerre le bois est une denrée aussi précieuse que le métal. Roncière, un village forestier aux abords de l’Udgru semble à l’origine de l’apparition d’étranges créatures. L’approvisionnement en bois ne doit pas être ralenti. Aux aventuriers de faire le nécessaire ! Une aventure régionale en 2 rounds pour les niveaux 1 à 14 (APL 2-12) faisant partie du cycle des familles marchandes.

EKB6-07 Force et Honneur by Alexandre Ménard
Les guerres s’abattent d’abord sur les faibles et les innocents. Trouverez-vous assez de force dans votre cœur pour repousser les assauts des forces du mal ? Une aventure régionale en un round en Ekbir, orientée combat, pour personnages aguerris de niveau 2-14 (APL 4-12).Il est fortement conseillé d’avoir joué le module régional EKB6-04 Une lumière dans la nuit avant de jouer ce scénario. 2e partie du cycle des Préceptes d’Azor’alq.

ESA6-05 Point of View by Sampo Haarla
Since 590CY, the Ahlissans have worked to build a fortification to guard the Adder’s Pass that separates Principality of Naerie from the Kingdom of Sunndi. The work is nearing completion but acts of sabotage have hindered the progress. Perhaps you can discover what is really going on? A one-round metaregional set in Principality of Naerie for character levels 1-11 (APL 2-8). Recommended for groups of adventurers who do not have conflicting loyalties.

ZEF6-09 All this for a Wedding by Jon Dawes and John Doyle
The announcement has spread far and wide: Murad the Proud, Sultan of Zeif, is sending one of his daughters to be wed to the son of Muammar Qharan, Pasha of Tusmit. Some say that all the noble daughters of Zeif have been trained as master spies. Some wonder what benefits this union will bring to either nation. Some wonder why the personal bodyguard that preceded the bride to Tusmit looks so much like the Sultan’s army. Others wonder if, in the midst of all the political machinations, she will ever make it to Tusmit alive. Note that the Tusmit Regional adventure TUS6-08 is virtually identical to this one. You may not play both adventures. A one-round Sultanate of Zeif regional adventure set in Tusmit and the Sultanate of Zeif for characters level 1-15 (APLs 2-14).

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