Adventure Updates

The following adventures are now available for download from their related regional and metaregional adventue pages: Dyvers, Ekbir, Tusmit, Veluna,and Tuf-Fals-Vel Trade Route. The list of core adventures available in early 2007 is also now available.

DYV6-06 Walpurgis by Joseph L. Selby
The Blood Moon heralded the coming of great evil and the Dark Night has arrived. The ever-increasing numbers of the orc horde threaten to overwhelm the Free Army and plunge the city of sails into permanent nightmare. Winter is born, the Dragon awakes, and Death walks anew. A Dyvers regional adventure of graphic horror set in the village of Tricaster and a stage in The Gnarley Threat for APLs 2-12. This event occurs after VTF6-05 Autumn and concurrently with VTF6-06 The Earth Dragon Cometh and contains un-tiered encounters.

DYV6-07 Knave of Box Town by Joseph L. Selby
The war with Blackthorn has taken a turn for the worse, but that has not slowed the myriad machinations in the city of sails from continuing forward. Lord Grandhearth would reward those adventurers that saved his daughter, while word of Colonel Dolorrak’s kidnapped niece has surfaced. Word on the street is that there is a new king of Box Town, the Circle of Crimson Stone is holding public death matches, and worse, the Jackyll has supposedly returned to Dyvers. A continuation of DYV2-05 King of Box Town and DYV5-08 Casualties of War and the conclusion to the Hidden Treasures Trilogy (DYV3-08 A Cure for What Ails Ye and DYV4-07 Tides of Tambrosh). An investigatory regional adventure of charity or cruelty set in the Free and Independent City of Dyvers for APLs 2-12.
NOTE: This adventure is not recommended for sessions where three or more PCs have the Disfavor of House Grandhearth from DYV5-08 Casualties of War.

DYV6-08 In Search of Blackthorn by Eric Price
Blackthorn Discovered! These two words have set the city ablaze. Merchant prepare to flee the city, warriors sharpen their sword and the commoners wait in fear and apprehension. Now, in a city where information in bought and sold alongside silk, the race is on to discover more about the humanoid activity there. It is strongly recommended you play VTF6-06 The Earth Dragon Cometh before this event. A one-round, regional adventure set in Dyvers for PCs level 1-15 (APLs 2-12).

EKB6-02 Le Cadeau d’Al Zarad by David Martinez
Il y a du grabuge dans la cité de Fashtri. D’étranges incidents surviennent, les canailles rôdent et un assassin est à l’œuvre. Les aventuriers pourront-ils élucider tout cela ? Une aventure régionale en un round, orientée enquête urbaine, pour personnages de niveau 1 à 14 (APL 2-12). Première aventure du cycle des Familles marchandes.

EKB6-03 Le Secret du Chevalier noir by Gaël Richard
Partez en quête du secret du Chevalier noir de l’Udgru et découvrez le mystère de ses origines ! Cette aventure s’inscrit dans la trame des Faris Rautha et fait suite au EKB 5-06 La Mission ekbirienne. Elle est fortement déconseillée aux aventuriers qui refuseraient de prêter un serment de loyauté et de confidentialité, garanti par de puissants moyens magiques, à l’égard d’organisations officielles du Califat ou de la Confrérie Rautha. Il n’est pas non plus approprié de jouer un adepte de la Foi véritable. Une aventure régionale en un round en Ekbir pour personnages de niveau 1-14 (APL 2-12). Cette aventure comporte une extension optionnelle (Extended Play Option).
Méta-organisations plus particulièrement concernées : Cour des Miracles, Gardiens des Pinacles, Clergé de la Foi exaltée, Faris d’Ekbir, Zashassar, ‘Askar, Marine, Confrérie Rautha, Noblesse, Noblesse royale.

EKB6-04 Une lumière dans la nuit by Alexandre Ménard
Accablés par la mort, le désespoir et l’impuissance, quand il ne vous restera plus aucun espoir, saurez-vous vous tourner vers la lumière afin de trouver en vous la pureté, le courage et la force nécessaires pour bannir les ténèbres ? Une aventure régionale en un round en Ekbir, orientée combat, pour personnages très aguerris de niveau 2-14 (APL 4-12).

EKB6-05 L’Île du sang by David Concher
C’est le moment de vérité, l’attaque de l’île du sang se profile. Mais une dernière chance existe peut être de venir en aide à de loyaux serviteurs du Califat prisonniers dans la place forte avant que l’assaut ne débute. Cette aventure est la conclusion de la série Consumé par son amour. Un scénario pour les niveaux 3 à 16 (APLs 4-16).
Les éléments de référence de cette aventure [et les auteurs de ces documents] incluent EKB4-02 Pour une poignée d’étoiles [Alain Senès], EKB6-01 Une bouteille à la mer [David Concher].

TUS6-05 Blaze of Glory by Daniel Mayrand
Yasin bin-Khadij waz-Vilayad is asking one more time for heroes to step forward. One last effort to save a man thought lost to time, one last chance for redemption from beyond the grave... This one-round Regional adventure set in Tusmit builds on elements that appeared in TUS4-01 Spoils of War and TUS5-04 Brothers in Arms, and is for APLs 6 thru 12

TUS6-06 Sowing the Seeds by Mike Rosenberg
An old mage receives a gift from a young woman, a gift that he knows not what to do with. His apprentice asks for your help. What can be done to save this poor old man, and what can be done to save Twallish, and the entire nation from certain doom? A one-round, regional adventure set in Tusmit for a well-balanced party of characters level 1-15 (APLs 2-12).

TUS6-07 Dancing out with the Moonlit Knight by Jean-François Levesque
Karam Fateil needs skilled adventurers to investigate old ruins in the hills and bring him back the information for archeologic studies. A loose sequel to TUS5-02 Dancing out with the Starlit Mage. A one-round, regional adventure set in Tusmit for characters level 1-10 (APLs 2-8)

TUS6-08 All this for a Wedding by Jon Dawes and John Doyle
The announcement has spread far and wide: Murad the Proud, Sultan of Zeif, is sending one of his daughters to be wed to the son of Muammar Qharan, Pasha of Tusmit. Some say that all the noble daughters of Zeif have been trained as master spies. Some wonder what benefits this union will bring to either nation. Some wonder why the personal bodyguard that preceded the bride to Tusmit looks so much like the Sultan’s army. Others wonder if, in the midst of all the political machinations, she will ever make it to Tusmit alive. Note that the Sultanate of Zeif regional adventure ZEF6-09 is virtually identical to this one. You may not play both adventures. A one-round, Tusmit regional adventure set in Tusmit and the Sultanate of Zeif for characters level 1-15 (APLs 2-14).

TUS6-09 Fell in Disgrace by Francis Carrier
The cold chill of winter is coming to the Udgru Forest. Adventurers are sent to find the treat that pose a new enemy, shrouded in the darkness of nightmares. Can they bring a little light into this mystery? Part two of the Fell dreams of the Udgru series. A special play option is available for elven groups. An adventure for character levels 2 to 14 (APLs 4-12) set in Khalid and the Udgru Forest.

VEL6-05 The Fox and the Hounds by David Kerscher and Tom McGrath
What would normally be an inconsequential altercation in a tavern becomes much more when one of the participants is the nephew of the Canon. Now it seems everyone wants to find him – but all for very different reasons. Who will you side with? This adventure is a sequel to VEL6-01 Release the Hounds, though it is not required that the same character plays both. A Veluna regional adventure for APLs 2-8.

VEL6-06 The Dark Path by Cary Bishop
The life of an adventurer is one of constant conflict…of the soul within as well as with adversaries without. The characters will contend with both, and face the consequences of each, in an effort to ensure that vanquished threat to Veluna remains so. A one-round, regional adventure set in Veluna for characters level 4-14 (APLs 6-12) wherein PCs may forward the cause of good or commit themselves entirely to evil.

VTF6-04 Faire Trade by Andrew Moore
A Brewfest Faire is sponsored by the Graf of Falwur in Ket to mark the end of summer. Rich rewards and the glorious title of Champion of Falwur bring many contestants, sponsors, merchants and opportunists. Despite the dramatic increase in recent attacks on merchant caravans, the turnout is astonishing, as the common folk, nobles and clergy celebrate. A VTF metaregional adventure set in Veluna. This adventure has challenging combats and unique opportunities, for characters levels 4-15 (APL 6-14).

VTF6-06 The Earth Dragon Cometh by Joseph L. Selby
A recent patron enlists your aid a second time. Not content with superior numbers, the Pomarj is searching for an edge to guarantee success for their northern campaign. Rumor continues to spread that the Gnarley Dragon has awakened. If the two are related, it could be devastating for all the Free Folk. A metaregional adventure set in the Free Lands of Dyvers, the sequel to VTF6-03 Red on the Horizon, and a stage of The Gnarley Threat for character levels 4 to 15 (APLs 6-14). This event occurs concurrently with Dyv6-06 Walpurgis: The Dark Night and contains untiered encounters.

CORS7-01 The City of Brass: The Burning Mansion by Pierre van Rooden and Pieter Sleijpen
A hero of great renown and her loyal friends have been kidnapped from the Flanaess by a vile efreet Amir and taken to his home in the infamous City of Brass on the Elemental Plane of Fire. Heroes and mercenaries are called upon to liberate those kidnapped before they die a death more horrible than being burned to cinders as slaves of the cruel efreeti. Are you able to face the burning heat of the City of Brass and help a fellow hero? A one-round core special set in the City of Brass for characters level 1-15 (APL 2 – 16).

COR7-01 Wrath of the Tomb of Horrors by Pierre van Rooden
The Bleak Academy has long been quiet. But now the spawn of Acererak have lent their support to the Wastrian armies that threaten to overrun the south of the Kingdom of Sunndi. It is time to put a stop to this...but will you stoop to murder to achieve your goal? A one-round, core adventure set in the Vast Swamp for characters level 9-15 (APLs 10-16). This adventure is a prequel to the Living Greyhawk DM’s Challenges: High-Level Option.

COR7-02 Bitter Fruit by Theron Martin
"The Scarlet Brotherhood is one of the most powerful institutions in the Flanaess," your employer says, "with dark tendrils that stretch into many lands. But even such a mighty organization as they dares only cross some people at their peril. For the great loss they have dealt to me, I want you to forcefully remind them of that." A mission of vengeance peripherally related to COR5-03 Atonement for those with no love for the Scarlet Brotherhood. A one-round, core adventure set in Rel Astra and the Olman Islands for characters level 8-15 (APLs 10-16).

COR7-03 Second Chances from True Lies by Christian Alipounarian
The Free City of Greyhawk can be cruel, and in a place where one can find anything, the hardest thing to obtain might be a second chance. Can you solve a decades-old murder and free a needy soul? This adventure is investigative and roleplay intensive. It is a loose sequel to COR5-04 Desecrators of the Lord’s Tomb; however, it is not necessary to have played that adventure. A one-round, core adventure set in the Free City of Greyhawk for characters level 1-11 (APLs 2-8).

COR 7-04 Freak of Nature by Eric Menge
The Greyhawk soldier shows you the letter from home, which tells of a terror that grips the village of Mardin's Field. A horrific beast prowls in the night, gruesomely killing at random. The war against the Pomarj has called the militia from this hamlet on the edge of the Gnarley Forest, leaving it undefended. "Please help my family," the soldier begs. "I am not there to protect them." A one-round, core adventure set in the Domain of Greyhawk for characters level 1-11 (APLs 2-8).

COR7-05 City of Malice by Tim Sech
Slaves keep disappearing at an alarming rate and Highport begins to thrive once more. The Wild Coast has been engulfed by Mak’s forces and the last bastion of freedom is Safeton, but for how long? A one-round, core adventure set in the Wild Coast and Highport for characters level 1-15 (APLs 2-12). This is a sequel to COR5-12 Calm before the Storm.

COR7-06 Drowning by Numbers by Luke Pitcher
In the Ahlissan town of Jalpa, a young noblewoman needs your help. Her betrothed is missing. His friends are… indisposed. And whatever is happening, someone (or something) seems intent on making a song and dance about it. A one-round, core adventure set in Ahlissa for characters level 8-15 (APLs 10-16).

COR7-07 Storm Harvest by Maya Deva Kniese
Traps. Treasures. Unspeakable horrors. All of these and more are what springs to mind when a story involves the ancient ruins of a wizard's tower. The Kingdom of Sunndi calls on you to explore such a building out in the wilderness, to negotiate your way across the Vast Swamp and the World Spine Ridge, and hopefully find the answer to the bullywug invasion laying waste to their lands. A dangerous two-round, core adventure set in the Tilvanot Peninsula for characters level 4-15 (APLs 6-16). The final part of the When the Wind Blows series (SND3-01 Harvest Time, ESA4-06 Wind Reaping, ESA 5-02 Seeds). It is not necessary to have played these adventures.

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