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Hellspike Prison Adapted Adventure Pack
Adventure Updates

The tyranny of the Iron Regent ended the night Castle Ferrule sank into the earth, but the regent's former minions continue to kidnap villagers from their homesteads, and an even greater threat stirs below the despot's crumbled fortress. In the magma0filled caverns beneath the ruins, a sinister obelisk called the Hellspike holds the secret to one fiend's power over the realm. Can you thwart the fiend's wicked plans in time? A one-part adapted adventure for APL 9 and 12, based on the Fantastic Locations: Hellspike Prison adventurer by Matthew Sernett.

The Fantastic Locations: Hellspike Prison adapted adventure is a standard one-round, adapted adventure, for the Living Grehawk campaign. Before you can start playing you need to get a copy of the Fantastic Locaitons: Hellspike Prison adventure. The adapted adventure pack gives you information to convert that published adventure for campaign, but does not give you enough information to actually run the game. To get the most out of the adventure, you need copies of the following D&D books: Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, and Monster Manual. This adapted adventure can only be sanctioned for home games and retail events and is available through the regular RPGA adventure ordering system .

There are two APLs at which this adventure can be played. The standard version, which is APL 9, or the web enhancement version, which is APL 12. Hellspike Prison takes approximately 8-12 hours to play.

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