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Knowledge Arcana's, fifth issue hits the web! Click over to KA's homepage and download the latest issue of our online 'zine for gamers by gamers. This quarter we bring you

  • Tips for DMing an online game, Creature Feature: The Cormus, and a look back at Sean Reynolds’s online game, Malak's Maze.
  • A Magic mana puzzle that will break your brain and interviews with R&D’s MaRo and BraDo. (That’s Mark Rosewater and Brady Dommermuth to the uninitiated.)
  • Advice on A&A Minis army construction and UnCon 05 in review: Design Your Own General Contest
  • UnCon 05 in review: Hecatomb Trivia Overload. How would you have ranked?
  • As well as short fiction “The Dreamer and the Fiend” and a big helping of amazing illustrations from community members.

So check it out, then give us feedback on what you think of this latest issue.

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Dreamblade Store Demos
Dreamblade Fiction: The Visit
Gideon: Chapter 7: A Deal with the Devil
Gideon: Chapter 6: A Death in the Family
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