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Q: What is Inside Wizards?
A:Inside Wizards is a cyberzine that will debut with short fiction from some of Wizards’ classic game settings, plus the groundbreaking new world of IRREVERENTS. The stories will be illustrated with originally commissioned and vintage art, taking form in 16,000-word, serially published, novelettes.

Q: What is the purpose of Inside Wizards?
A:Inside Wizards will provide a home for classic tales and new traditions in the rich storylines that form the basis for Wizards’ iconic game worlds. It will allow us to ‘test the waters’ with new universes, permitting fans a first-of-its-kind sneak peak into the creative process

Q: I want to read the next story in the series, how long do I have to wait?
A: Series are updated every other week.

Q: You took down my favorite series, will it be coming back?
A:Inside Wizards is a chance for us to give something back to our loyal fans. It is also a place for us to try out new ideas. We only have enough room to run a certain number of storylines at one time. This means that some series and brands may be rotated out of the schedule to give readers a chance to try out new worlds.

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Dreamblade Store Demos
Dreamblade Fiction: The Visit
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Gideon: Chapter 6: A Death in the Family
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