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The End
05/24/2006: The End of Hecatomb
An important announcement by Ryan Miller about the future of Hecatomb.
03/03/2006: Ryan Miller Chat Transcript
On February 24, Ryan Miller hit the chat room to talk about Blanket of Lies. Here's what went down.
02/24/2006: Blanket of Lies
The second expansion set for Hecatomb, Blanket of Lies, releases February 24, 2006
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The End of Hecatomb
They Are Coming
God Cards strategy
New Floor Rules! Effective January 02, 2006
Endbringer League: Bringing a whole new level of deceit, corruption, destruction, and greed to your favorite game.

Endbringer League Locations: Play in the game league. Here. Now.
02/22/2006 (Read Answers)
Q: What are the exact specifics for stitching with Nyarlathotep? --Steve
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