GRZ (Gamer Radio Zer0) is a weekly podcast focusing on the strategy
gaming industry. The show focuses on news and information on board
games, trading card games, and roleplaying games that is of interest
to strategy gamers and includes interviews with industry insiders
involved in making great games.

  • 2/13/08 GRZ #29 -Blue and GZ discuss the GRZ crew. GZ interviews Andy Collins about the D&D 4th Edition information that will be revealed at this year’s D&D Experience. Blue sits down with Nina Hess to talk about the Endless Quest book series, then tries her best to convince GZ about the value of Valentine’s day with unexpected results…for both of them. (72 megs, 22 minutes)

  • 2/6/08 GRZ #28 - Blue decides to have a little remote control fun. Gamer Zer0 interviews Stephen Shubert about Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures and 4th Edition and manages to secure a sneak peek at some never-before seen minis and stat cards. Blue lands an interview with artist RK Post and enlists his help on this week’s promo give-away! (113 megs, 21 minutes)

  • 1/30/08 GRZ #27 - Blue catches Gamer Zer0 in the Wizards of the Coast gym, causing chaos to ensue. Gamer Zer0 interviews Andrea Jennifer Shubert about the OMG! Bosses MapleStory set. Blue and GZ catch the elusive Blakecake on camera doing what she does best. GZ catches up with D&D Licensing Manager Linae Foster about the D&D 4th Edition Open Gaming License. (20 Minutes, 90 megs)

  • 1/23/08 GRZ #26 - Gamer Zer0 and Blue timewarp back to the 50s as the "HoneyZer0's" for this episode. GZ interviews Worth Wollpert about the Magic Online III launch, Blue talks to James Wyatt about Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition and Eberron, and special guest star Sara Girard sits down with GZ to talk about Dungeons and Dragons Insider, the upcoming D&D Experience convention, and Teen Tech Week. (27 Minutes, 115 megs)

  • 1/16/08 GRZ #25 - Gamer Zer0 and Blue celebrate their first show of the New Year! GZ gives a tour and behind-the-scenes look at an "average" day at Wizards of the Coast. Blue displays part two of her Todd Lockwood interview. (14 Minutes, 55 megs)

  • 12/21/07 GRZ #24 - Gamer Zer0 tries to put some mistletoe to good use with Blue. Blue interviews artist Todd Lockwood. Blue discusses her holiday gift wish list. GZ and Blue do some present shaking and get a sneak peek spoilers of upcoming Wizards of the Coast products, including Dungeon and Dragons Miniatures, Magic the Gathering Morning Tide, the new MapleStory set, Axis and Allies North Africa, and more. Blue ends the year with a bang with her holiday promo. (20 Minutes, 86 megs)

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