Blue, the unconfirmed descendant of Viking hordes, has been chaotic neutral most of her life. No stranger to the world of gaming, she currently is a senior designer for Wizards of the Coast and has created sites for, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic:The Gathering, Community, Books, and Hallowmere. She is a local actress and model whose work includes Project London, Demon Hunters RPG training video, Revamping Doyle, and the The Gamers: Dorkness Rising. You may recognize her from the D&D cover of Songs and Silence and Forgotten Realms:City of the Spider Queen.

You can email Blue at:
Gamer_Zer0 was born and raised on the Mississippi River. Growing up he had many wild and exciting adventures with his close friends, Tom and Huck. Unfortunately, GZ then discovered gaming and retreated to his basement to play games non stop for the next 20 years. GZ recently emerged from his basement and started a weekly podcast show with his new friends, Blue and BlakeCake, called Gamer Radio Zer0. He now spends his days chasing down anyone he can find in the gaming industry and pinning them on the ground until they agree to do an interview with him on the show. He's also been known to bore Blue and BlakeCake with his made up tales of adventure to the point that they often feign being dead to get him to stop talking.

You can email GZ at:
BlakeCake is the sound engineer and video specialist for GRZ. She does not currently have a bio.

She does not like to talk to people or read their blogs. She is very private about her free time and isn't what you would call a "sharer." Most of what is known about BlakeCake is mere speculation and isn't suitable for publication.

You cannot email her.
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