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Just in time for Gen Con So. Cal., the Dungeons & Dragons Campaigns: Legacy of the Green Regent Campaign Standards version 1.1 is now available for download. Changes presented in the document go into effect on December 9, 2003.

Among other things, this updated version contains complete restricted lists, details on how the Miniatures Handbook and Complete Warrior options fit into the campaign, as well as new versions of the shadow magic feats, and the Family and Nobility domains. Those feats and domains are small sneak peeks of the upcoming Player’s Guide to Faerūn, to be released in March 2004. The Legacy of the Green Regent campaign will incorporate the remainder of that book’s v.3.5-update material with its release.

The next planned version of the Campaign Standards (version 2.0) occurs this coming January, just prior to Winter Fantasy. That version introduces the campaign’s first level kick, and rules for creating 3rd-level characters for the campaign.

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