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As a player, you use the Player's Handbook to create and run a character. Your character is an adventurer and works as part of a team that regularly delves into dungeons and battles monsters.

Your character is an adventurer -- a hero who sets out on epic quests for fortune and glory. Other characters join your adventuring party to explore dungeons and battle monsters such as the terrible dragon or the carnivorous troll. These quests unfold as stories created by the actions your characters perform and the situations your DM presents.

The DM sets each scene and describes the action. It's your job to decide what your character is like, how he or she relates to the other adventurers, and act accordingly. You can play a serious paladin or a wisecracking rogue, a reckless barbarian or a cautious wizard. With your character in mind, respond to each situation as it comes up. Sometimes combat is called for, but other situations might be solved through magic, negotiation, or judicious skill use.

D&D is a social experience as well as an imaginative one. Be creative, be daring, and be true to your character . . . and most of all, have fun!

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